Beast Taming: Infinite Simulation as a Tamed Beast - C.255 - : 214: Returning to the Ancient Simulation Again

Beast Taming: Infinite Simulation as a Tamed Beast

C.255 - : 214: Returning to the Ancient Simulation Again

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After sending Vincent Wolf back to the hotel, Aiden Winter left.

Inside the hotel, Vincent felt uneasy about the situation in the Shadow Demon Domain.

“Can the angel really handle the abyssal will in that demonic domain?”

Vincent recalled the scene in the Death Demonic Domain before, where they had to rely on Phoenix’s power to combat the abyssal will.

It should be noted that the abyssal will has already corroded the entire demonic domain, gaining a constant supply of power to support it.

It was only after Phoenix was awakened, returned to the Death Demonic Domain, and seized control of the domain from the abyssal will that they had the capital to fight against it.

Now, the power of the angel in the Shadow Demon Domain is like drifting rootless duckweed. Can it really eliminate the abyssal will?

If it can, what will the demonic domain become if it doesn’t have the will of the world?

Or perhaps…

Vincent’s pupils suddenly constricted.

Or perhaps the angel would become the new will of the Shadow Demon Domain…

“No way, right?” “Would the people from the Light God Country do such a thing?”

“It’s really hard to say!”

The overlord-level six-winged angel versus the abyssal will of the three-star demonic domain.

If they were to fight against each other, it’s really hard to say who would win and who would lose.

“If the angel from the Light God Country replaces the abyssal will, do I have to fight against the angel and those bishops and archbishops if I want to obtain the lost spirit of the Shadow Demon Domain?”

The more Vincent thought about it, the more hopeless he felt.

If it was against the Evil Beast Masters, the other grandmasters could still be somewhat helpful.

But if it was to deal with those bishops and archbishops, would the other grandmasters help or not?

Vincent felt that the answer might not be so beautiful.

“Strength! Sigh!”

“I need to start the Ancient Simulation!”

Originally, Vincent wanted to wait a while before starting the Ancient Simulation, but now that the situation is so tense, he had no choice but to face it head-on.

[Available realms: Water Mysterious Realm, Death Demon Realm]

[Available simulation objects: Slime, Three-tailed Fox]

Although the physical extraction this time was as fast as before, Vincent wasn’t worried since he still had Mysterious Spirit Dew on him.

His choice was the same as last time, as he still wanted to read the Evolution Secret Code in the Dragon Palace.

“I choose Water Mysterious Realm and Slime.”

[Please choose the location and time period for the next time the Water Mysterious Realm is entered during Ancient Simulation] [Option 1: Start at the previous exit point and previous exit time] [Option 2: Start at the previous exit point and random time] [Option 3: Start at a random location and previous exit time] [Option 4: Start at a random location and random time]

“Come on! ”

Vincent was getting excited. “I choose Option 1!”

[Simulation begins]

Suddenly, Vincent’s vision went black, and he collapsed on the ground.

By the time the images started to appear before his eyes, Vincent had turned into Barry, in the exact same pose as when he had exited the Ancient

Simulation last time, holding the thick Evolution Secret Code in his hands.

As soon as his consciousness returned, Vincent immediately looked at the content that he had been longing for.

As he read, Vincent realized that something was not quite right.


After reading several times, Vincent’s expression changed.

“This is indeed the secret of turning a fake dragon into a real dragon, but the final evolution is a true dragon, not a western dragon like Dragon town!” Vincent really wanted to cry but had no tears.

He had been looking forward to this for so long only to find it useless.

This was just too disappointing!

“I originally wanted Dragon town to reach the monarch level to deal with the current situation, but now there is no hope… By the way, can I sell this true dragon evolution secret? There has been no trace of a true dragon for a long time, how can I convince others that this evolution secret is genuine?

“Hold on!”

“What if Dragon town could evolve directly into a real dragon!”

“Carp can leap over the dragon gate, ordinary snakes can evolve into real dragons, so why can’t Dragon town do it? He even has the word ‘dragon’ in his name!”

Upon thinking of this, Vincent hurriedly continued flipping through the entire Evolution Secret Code, giving it a rough read from beginning to end, and reviewing all the secrets of evolution in his mind, gradually forming an idea.

“Vincent, have you got any inspiration?”

Avril, with her big eyes sparkling, asked expectantly.

Sweat was forming on Vincent’s forehead when he heard this.

He had almost forgotten about this crucial problem.

This would be the second chapter if he spoke again.

And the third chapter would be the one about the Monkey King obtaining the Sea God’s Treasure!

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