Back to the Past: The Rise of the False Heiress Marrying the True Tycoon - C.465 - : Eating Frozen Pears


Chapter 465: Eating Frozen Pears

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Su Shen responded briefly, “Yes.” Not only was this his first time washing a woman’s hair, but it was also his first time serving a woman with such meticulous care.

Gu Zi, with her arms wrapped affectionately around his neck, cooed, “My husband is indeed amazing. To do so well on your first try, it’s fantastic!” Su Shen felt a sweet warmth spread through his heart at her praise, his mood delightfully uplifted. 𝓯𝑟𝓮ℯ𝘸ℯ𝘣𝑛ℴ𝘷ℯ𝓵.𝘤𝑜𝑚

That evening, the crispy roast meat was highly praised at dinner. However, because it was night, Gu Zi strictly controlled the amount of meat each family member consumed. Each adult was allowed eight pieces of crispy roast meat, the two boys were given five pieces each, and little Lele was given just two pieces, not a piece more.

This resulted in Su Bing and Su Li eating half a bowl less of rice that night. The dinner table wasn’t only adorned with crispy roast meat; Su Jing had also prepared three other dishes. However, the taste was mediocre.

Su Bing and the others had their palates spoiled by their mother’s excellent cooking skills. Naturally, they found their aunt’s dishes less appetizing, leading to them eating less.

However, Su Bing was happy to have his aunt cook for a few days. This way, his mother could have more time to rest, which was also quite nice. So, when Su Li wanted to express his dissatisfaction with the taste of the dishes, Su Bing silenced him with a single glance.

In the following days, Gu Zi was completely at leisure. Su Jing took over the kitchen for all three meals, morning, noon, and night. Su Jing was happy to cook, and Gu Zi was happy to rest.

However, Su Li found these days particularly hard to bear. On his way home from school, he counted the days and suddenly raised an eyebrow in surprise, exclaiming, “Brother, isn’t tomorrow the Festival of Xia Yuan?”

Su Bing, eyes on the road ahead as he rode his bike, replied, “The village has been preparing for the festival these past few days, so it should be tomorrow. Focus on your cycling and watch the road.”

At the Su residence, Gu Zi prepared a delightful mixture of yogurt and fruit, intending it to serve as a sweet appetizer before dinner. Once she had finished preparing the dish, she placed it in the refrigerator. Suddenly, her eyes lit up with joy as she remembered the frozen pears she had placed in the refrigerator the previous night to thaw.

The frozen pears, which she had taken out to thaw the previous night, would be perfect for Su Li to eat once he returned from school. She almost forgot about this!

Su Jing had just finished cleaning the yard and was about to rest before preparing dinner. As she entered the living room, she noticed several dark, soft fruits on the coffee table. She couldn’t identify the fruit, and her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Sister-in-law, what is this?” she asked.

Gu Zi was busy preparing milk powder for Su Le and didn’t turn around. She knew that those unfamiliar with frozen pears would find their appearance unappealing. “These are frozen pears, and they’re delicious. I made them especially for Su Li. Once they’re back, you can try one. But remember, there’s a limit of one per person.”

Sitting on the sofa and munching on a biscuit, Su Jing’s gaze fell back on the frozen pears. She couldn’t help but grimace. How could this fruit, which looked like a spoiled pear, be delicious? And why was there a limit?

Su Jing internally scoffed at the idea of trying such an unattractive food item, which looked as if it had gone bad. However, her disdain was quickly silenced after she tasted the juice of the frozen pear.

Not long after, Su Bing and Su Li arrived home and, like Su Jing, fell into contemplation at the sight of the dark objects on the table.

When Gu Zi told Su Li that these were the frozen pears he had been wanting to try, Su Li suddenly remembered, “Oh yes, my classmate also said that it doesn’t look appetizing, but once you try it, you’ll be hooked!”

With his appetite restored, Su Li began to jog in place, visibly excited. Gu Zi handed him a frozen pear, and everyone else took one for themselves. Holding up her pear as an example, Gu Zi instructed, “Bite a small hole here, drink the juice inside, then peel off the skin and eat the flesh. That’s how you eat it.”

As she spoke, Gu Zi took the lead and began to eat. The sweet, cool pear juice flowed down her throat, leaving a lingering, refreshing sensation.

It had been a long time since Gu Zi had tasted this flavor. If it weren’t for Su Li’s suggestion, she wouldn’t have thought to prepare frozen pears. Having a son with good taste wasn’t so bad after all!

The others were also won over by the refreshing pear juice. It seemed to be a completely new culinary experience. After drinking the juice, the fruit flesh beneath the brown skin was soft, sweet, and sour – absolutely delicious.

Most importantly, after eating, they felt as if their lungs had been thoroughly cleansed, and they felt refreshed. Eating pears in autumn and winter was customary, but this way of eating pears was a first.

Su Li was delighted, “Although I’ve never seen snow, I’ve tasted frozen pears! Thank you, mom!”

Su Jing was also very happy. She felt that Gu Zi had a kind of magic, able to bring joy and pleasure to those around her through food. It turned out that food really could bring people joy!