Age of Evolution# - C.345 - : Soaring to the Sky!

Age of Evolution#

C.345 - : Soaring to the Sky!

Chapter 345: Chapter 345: Soaring to the Sky!

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Lin Zhen felt that his cultivation might fail this time.

Having fifty times gravity was indeed strong, but it was impossible to make his Unbreakable technique breakthrough again in just one day.

Perhaps after a day of training, his physical fitness could improve slightly, and his Unbreakable technique could be more adept, but that would be all, as breaking through requires opportunities.

“The gravity is at fifty times right now, and I feel like I have less than an hour left before time runs out. I’ll have to make do with whatever level I can reach.”

He scanned his dantian with his Spiritual Power and found that he had less than an hour left before the fusion of his Dark Star Space and Dantian space would occur.

When he entered, he separated the Dark Star and Dantian, and it took a full day for their fusion. This meant that his Star Power would be restored three minutes before the gravity chamber opened.

He held the rope gun in his hand and stabbed it into the wooden board again.

The swift and decisive strike pierced through the board.

“I can’t say that a day of training had no effect. I guess I’m not far from reaching the minor achievement stage of the Unbreakable technique, but opportunities are difficult to find.”

Lin Zhen raised his hand again, preparing to stab out multiple shots at once.

But just then, his mind suddenly sank!


An immense pressure descended from the heavens. If Lin Zhen had been carrying a big mountain on his back before, now a second one had suddenly press down on him!

The enormous pressure caused Lin Zhen to fall directly to the ground, his body plastered flat on the floor, unable to move a single finger.

“Ah!! Kacha, kacha!”

Lin Zhen tried his best to prop up his body, but the crushing pressure made it seem like he was a sheet of paper, with his limbs firmly pressed to the ground, and not a single hair able to lift.

His bones were groaning, his muscles twitching, and even his internal organs were under immense pressure, making it difficult for him to breathe.

Lin Zhen was furious at the guards. What were they playing at?

He had only requested fifty times gravity. Who allowed them to release a hundred times gravity? This kind of training would be impossible under such a weight. Wasn’t this a scam?

“You negligent bastard. When I get out, you better refund me in full, or I’ll tear down your shitty gravity chamber!”

Lin Zhen’s Spiritual Power was still present, and he used it to control a flying knife, which shakily shot up into the air. It struggled to fly under the weight of the gravity before finally hitting the red button.

According to the agreement with the guard, touching this red button would open the gravity chamber.

The button was indeed touched, but the door to the gravity chamber didn’t open.

Lin Zhen immediately became suspicious. What did this mean?

Had the guard been bribed? Or was someone already chasing him?

He knew the church had been trying to get rid of him. Was it Yan Huang that came?

Lin Zhen didn’t know the details but realized that if this situation continued, he would die under a hundred times gravity.

When lying on the ground, the pressure is greater. Lin Zhen knew he had to stand up.

He tried to curl his fingers and move his legs. He propped up his body, only to be pushed down by gravity again.

He could only slowly move his body, painstakingly crawling towards a corner of the gravity chamber.

It took him a full ten minutes to reach the corner, and his sweat had formed a river on the ground.

But he finally made it to the wall, and with his back against it, he slowly sat up.


“How is this hundred times gravity so powerful?”

With trembles in his limbs, Lin Zhen tried to stand up.

A voice suddenly came from a monitor on the ceiling at that moment.

The monitor was connected to the outside world. Its image was unclear and seemed to be malfunctioning, but a person appeared.

Blue eyes, yellow skin!

A person from the Tianhe Empire!

Lin Zhen’s almost collapsing spirit suddenly perked up. This was the first time he had seen a person from the Tianhe Empire in his two lives.

Shu Mingxuan’s face appeared on the monitor’s distorted screen. Due to Lin Zhen’s hit earlier, the image was unclear for both of them.

Through the twisted image, Shu Mingxuan found Lin Zhen, and let out a smug laugh.

“Hahaha! Lin Zhen, you know how to hide well, even in this rat hole! But what does it matter? You still can’t escape. Today is the day you die.”

“Who are you?” Lin Zhen asked with great difficulty.

“Can a frog at the bottom of a well comprehend who I am? All you need to know is that I am Huo Luofu.”

The image twisted twice, and Shu Mingxuan’s figure couldn’t be seen anymore.

Lin Zhen knew this time he was in danger. This Shu Mingxuan was the one controlling Huo Luofu and seemed to be at the Comet Stage realm.

A comet-stage practitioner, whether a genius or not, was never to be underestimated. There was less than an hour left before the gravity chamber would open. If not crushed to death, he would still be killed once he got out.

The only option was to continue practicing the Unbreakable technique.

“I have to endure this hundred times gravity, even if it costs my life!”

Lin Zhen took a deep breath and swallowed some more food. Then, with one burst of effort, he stood up.

His muscles and bones creaked in his body, a sign that they couldn’t handle the pressure.

Lin Zhen held a rope gun in his hand, leaning on the wall as he took a step forward.

One more step! And another!

He moved to the side of the wooden board, biting his lips so hard that blood flowed from the corners of his mouth.

“Everyone has potential, some even say that human potential is infinite.”

“Of course, potential is not infinite, but it has great elasticity. I have no way to retreat now. If I want to survive, I must continue to practice. If I achieve a minor breakthrough in my Unyielding skill, I’ll have a glimmer of hope. Although the hundred-fold gravity suppresses me and makes it difficult for me to move, it has forced me into a desperate situation.”

“When there’s no choice, moving forward courageously is the best option!”

Lin Zhen’s eyes suddenly opened wide and the rope rifle in his hand, strengthened by his Unyielding skill, straightened. Suddenly, he thrust it forward into a wooden board!

With one thrust, his energy pierced through like a rainbow!

The long rope rifle passed through the center of the wooden board. Since Lin Zhen was on the side of the row of wooden boards, his thrust penetrated the entire row!

As the rope rifle fell to the ground, Lin Zhen’s body also collapsed heavily.

“I… I did it!”

Lin Zhen lay on the ground, his heart filled with excitement and shock.

He had unexpectedly succeeded in achieving a minor breakthrough in a martial arts technique that originally seemed to be impossible. Hindered by Shu Mingxuan’s tricks and under the oppression of a hundred-fold gravity, he still managed to succeed.

Upon reaching a minor breakthrough, Lin Zhen’s spear technique became even more powerful.

However, he had no strength left and could only swallow a Dantian Qi recovery potion that he had prepared earlier.

After swallowing the Dantian Qi potion, the Breaking Boundary Nail in his body began to dissolve.

About twenty minutes later, the Breaking Boundary Nail completely dissolved and the fragments melted away within Lin Zhen’s Dantian.

With the Breaking Boundary Nail gone, Lin Zhen’s Dantian Qi finally returned!

Threads of Qi began to rotate automatically, and Lin Zhen regained his Pre-Star Realm fighting strength.

With his Dantian Qi restored, Lin Zhen was able to use it to counteract the hundred-fold gravity. At this moment, his Unyielding skill had already achieved a minor breakthrough, which rendered the hundred-fold gravity useless.

After his Dantian Qi covered his entire body, Lin Zhen finally felt somewhat at ease. He quickly retreated to a corner and consumed some food to rapidly restore his strength.

Seeing that the monitoring screen was about to appear again, Lin Zhen sent a flying knife with great difficulty to destroy the screen.

Shu Mingxuan outside was uncertain about what had happened. He couldn’t see the monitoring screen and felt anxious, not knowing whether Lin Zhen had been crushed to death by the hundred-fold gravity or not.

He could only pace back and forth outside, waiting for time to pass.

Fortunately, the gravity chamber was about to open, and there were less than ten minutes remaining before unlocking.

Shu Mingxuan decided to sit cross-legged in front of the gravity chamber’s door, regulating his breathing and adjusting his condition, so he’d be prepared to act in case Lin Zhen survived.

While Shu Mingxuan rested outside, Lin Zhen was also recovering his strength as much as possible.

Three minutes before the gravity chamber opened, his Dark Star Space and Dantian Space merged once again within his body.

The energy from the Dark Star enveloped Lin Zhen’s body, alleviating some of the pressure on him.

“It feels so good to have my strength back.”

Above the Dark Star, radiant power erupted, and light molecules washed over Lin Zhen’s body, removing the fatigue from his muscles and bones.

After more than two minutes of this, Lin Zhen finally felt a bit more comfortable.

“It’s almost time. I now have the strength to fight.”

“Let’s see the results of my many days of training in the Unyielding skill. My test subject is the alien before me.”

Lin Zhen stood in front of the gravity chamber door, waiting for the moment it opened.


The door shook and opened slightly, revealing a small gap.

At first glance, Lin Zhen saw the alien, Shu Mingxuan, waiting outside in a battle-ready state.

Shu Mingxuan also saw Lin Zhen and was filled with enmity. How could this accursed person not have been crushed to death by the hundred-fold gravity?

Looking at Lin Zhen’s appearance, it seemed that his Dantian Qi had been restored. Therefore, Shu Mingxuan didn’t dare to underestimate him and took two steps back, assuming a defensive stance, waiting for Lin Zhen to come out.

The door finally opened completely, and Lin Zhen stepped outside, with sunlight flowing around him.


With the Raging Light Rifle in hand, Lin Zhen pointed it directly at Shu Mingxuan.

“You’re the one who controlled Huo Luofu to deal with me, right?”

“Yes, it’s me,” Shu Mingxuan coldly replied.

“You also tried to control my soul using a neural parasite.”

“That’s right, it was me.”

“Now that the Church is fighting against our Hua Xia, and you’re behind instigating Yan Huang to invade the East, aren’t you?”

“You guessed correctly, all of it was done by me.” Shu Mingxuan looked at Lin Zhen with the pride of a high-level civilization, like looking down on an ant.

“Then go to hell!” Lin Zhen raised his hand, and the Raging Light Rifle appeared.

Shu Mingxuan chuckled, “Lin Zhen, how dare you be so arrogant to a citizen of a high-level civilization? How dare you be so brazen toward a Comet Stage expert? It seems death is beckoning you.”

Lin Zhen, holding Raging Light, felt incredibly relaxed all over. Free from the hundred-fold gravity, he felt as if two great mountains had been unburdened from him. He stopped wasting words with Shu Mingxuan and pointed Raging Light at him: “Die!”


His foot stomped the ground, kicking up a large crater. Lin Zhen charged toward Shu Mingxuan like a cannonball.

Shu Mingxuan hadn’t anticipated Lin Zhen’s sudden assault. He hurriedly brandished his top-quality Platinum Sword to block.

Despite the activation of Comet Stage Star Power, he failed to block Lin Zhen’s attack!

Raging Light swatted away the Platinum Sword, and the huge impact force pierced through Shu Mingxuan’s armor. Both of them soared into the sky, piercing through the clouds with their incredible momentum. It seemed as if they were about to burst through the atmosphere itself!

Whistling winds howled past their ears, and Shu Mingxuan clutched Raging Light with both hands, enduring the pain in his shoulder. Unable to twist or shift his position, he was propped up by Lin Zhen, soaring higher and higher like they were about to break through the atmospheric layer!