Age of Evolution# - C.342 - : Ascetic Monks Appear

Age of Evolution#

C.342 - : Ascetic Monks Appear

Chapter 342: Chapter 342: Ascetic Monks Appear

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The United States’ attack force did not expect Hua Xia to be so well-prepared.

From the arrangement of weapons in the City Defense Army, to the reserves of emergency supplies and the orderly division of Martial Artist kill teams in the Hidden Fortress, the division of labor was quite clear.

In particular, the counterattacks of Hua Xia’s Martial Artists were quite fierce, quickly surrounding the American assault troops with superior forces, as if the whole process had been rehearsed.

Besides killing some city defense soldiers at the beginning, the martial artists from the United States did not achieve any significant results and were ensnared in the quagmire of Hua Xia’s Martial Artists, unable to extricate themselves.

As the American Martial Artists were attacking the city, Baggio had already commanded Sand Russia’s Martial Artists to form the second wave, launching their assault from another location.

The Sand Russian martial artists now had a bit of a makeshift trend, with the likes of Huo Luofu and the Sand Russian three warriors dead, and not many good experts could be found below the Star Realm.

This charge was also composed of a thousand martialartists and three thousand elite city defense soldiers, and the charging location was less than two kilometers away from the battlefield of the Americans.

Seeing that the American martial artists were about to lose their support, the city defense army in the northwest began to focus its firepower on the Sand Russian martial artists.

Some martial artists were even transferred to the Sand Russian battlefield to support.

Baggio looked at the situation on the city wall from afar and sneered: “Your Majesty, if we have enough luck today, we might actually have a chance to break the city.”

“Everything is under the Chief Judge’s command.” Yan Huang let go of his power.

“Good, European Union Martial Artists get ready, immediately support the Martial Artists of the United States, continue to attack from the first breach, their firepower has been attracted by the Sand Russian Martial Artists, attack hard there.”

With Baggio’s order, half of the European Union’s flying vehicles were launched and quickly rushed towards the city head where the American Martial Artists were fighting fiercely.

The European Union commander was thinking about how to climb the city wall to support the American Martial Artists when he suddenly received Baggio’s instructions.

“Don’t worry about attacking the city for now, throw all your most powerful bombs at the city wall!”

The EU Commander was taken aback: “Chief Judge, but our allies are still there.”

“Never mind, they can’t come back now. Let Hua Xia people bury them together.”

The EU Commander nodded: “All listen to the Chief Judge.”

Glancing at the electronic screen, he locked onto an area.

Within this area of several dozen meters square, there were hundreds of martial artists fighting fiercely, among which there were less than a hundred Martial Artists from the United States, and they were rapidly decreasing. This was the last resistance force of this wave of American attacking troops.

A lot of Hua Xia’s martial artists were besieging the U.S. attacking troops, and he even saw several female martial artists fighting among them, and they were extremely brave.

“That most beautiful one is Lin Zhen’s girlfriend, An Ning, right?”

The EU commander asked the person beside him, and the adjutant beside him nodded: “Yes.”

“Good, it’s here, notify all flying vehicles, bomb all the missiles here, I want to severely hit Hua Xia’s morale. As long as we win this battle, Hua Xia will have no resistance.”

The adjutant immediately issued the order, and suddenly all the metal storms, laser weapons, and small cloud-bursting bombs carried by the flying vehicles were aimed at this piece of city head.

There were no Star Realm martial artists in these people. If they were hit by such concentrated attacks, they would probably all be blown to smithereens.

An Ning, who was fighting hard, suddenly felt a pang in her chest. Without hesitation, she grabbed Zhao Xiaoman and Chris with both hands: “Let’s retreat!”

The three girls quickly retreated, and then saw a dazzling light in the distance, and under the cover of laser weapons and metal storms, the cloud-bursting bombs were thrown onto the city head.

Clusters of small mushroom clouds rose up, and a large piece of Base City’s wall collapsed under the impact of the cloud-bursting bombs.

There were less than twenty martial artists who could withdraw in the crisis, and the remaining Hua Xia’s martial artists and the American martial artists all died in this man-made disaster.

Among them, Ma Yao, Wei Li, Meng Dong, and Gao Yan from the Ice City Region were all killed in this wave of attacks.

As martial artists, dying under modern weaponry was a bit ironic.

However, this wave of attacks did have some impact on Hua Xia’s city defense army and martial artists.

The Gods Clan was too ruthless, dragging their own people to the grave with the Hua Xia people.

This time, sacrificing over a hundred American martial artists, but killing nearly four hundred Hua Xia martial artists!

Subsequently, Baggio commanded the flying vehicles of the three countries to concentrate on attacking the gap in the city wall.

The Hua Xia martial artists did not expect a gap to appear in the city wall so quickly, and the intense battle for the gap began.

At one point, the gap was lost, but Hua Xia’s martial artist reserve team came into play, and with the entry of numerous Star Realm martial artists, the control of the gap was recaptured.

From morning to afternoon, and from afternoon to evening, the struggle for this gap went back and forth.

During one day of struggle, more than half of the martial artists from the three countries who accompanied Yan Huang to attack Hua Xia were consumed.

Of course, Hua Xia didn’t gain any advantage either, but as nightfall approached, the Gods Clan suddenly sent out twenty ascetic monks.

The twenty ascetic monks, taking advantage of the cover of night, quietly approached the side of the city wall.

After reaching a distance of about a hundred meters, twenty ascetic monks all used instant movement at the same time.


All twenty appeared on top of the city wall simultaneously.

The ascetic monk leading the team revealed a cold smile as he looked at the dense crowd on the city wall ahead.

“Judgment of Light!”

The ascetic monks all raised their arms, and the rich light elements gathered quickly in the air.

A strong light howled past the city wall, shooting thousands of meters away!

All people and objects within the range of this strong light were vaporized by this powerful strike.

The combined attack of the ascetic monks could instantly kill a quasi-SSS level martial artist, so how could these ordinary martial artists and city defense army resist? Thousands of people were wiped out in a single strike!

Only those on the edge with quick reactions managed to dodge this disaster, as well as some spiritual mind masters who took to the sky, barely escaping.


An Ning pulled Zhao Xiaoman into the air, but Alice disappeared under the pillar of light attack.

This Western woman who had been with An Ning for several years vanished in the attack of the ascetic monks.

It was not just Alice, but also many martial artists like Hansen who perished in that single strike. The densely packed city wall was suddenly empty and desolate, almost like a haunted place.

An Ning’s tears came pouring down as she frantically tried to go and avenge Alice, but was firmly held back by Zhao Xiaoman: “Sister An Ning, don’t be impulsive, we can’t deal with those ascetic monks.”

On Hua Xia’s side, Jin Qichao, Shang Jin, and other Dark Star List experts flew out, along with a large group of Star Realm Warriors. They didn’t expect that at the end of the day’s battle, the Gods Clan would suddenly launch a surprise attack, causing a lot of pain to the Hua Xia people.

However, those ascetic monks didn’t have any intention of lingering in battle. After launching their combined attack, they immediately used instant movement to leave the city wall area.

Some of the Hua Xia Star Realm experts chased after them, but seeing that more ascetic monks were preparing to support them, the Hua Xia martial artists reluctantly used instant movement to return.

The battle on the first day came to an end. The balance that had been held for a whole day was broken, as the last-minute appearance of the ascetic monks brought significant losses to Hua Xia.

The ascetic monks were all Star Realm experts, representing the introduction of high-end power.

At this point, Hua Xia’s ordinary martial artists and city defense army were of little use.

Everyone knew that unless they killed that group of ascetic monks, there was no way they could win this battle.

Jin Qichao and Shang Jin gathered all of Hua Xia’s Star Realm martial artists, totaling 260 Star Realm warriors.

These people represented the strongest force of Hua Xia under the Heavenly Star List. The upcoming battles would be fought by them.

Jin Qichao and others knew that the fights heareafter must be fought outside the city wall, as continuing to fight on the wall was no longer suitable.

Just looking at the number of people, Hua Xia’s martial artists still had the advantage, but the ascetic monks were too strong, making this battle difficult to win.

Today’s combined attack of the ascetic monks had caused many martial artists’ hearts to tremble with fear.


Unlike Hua Xia’s side, the people of the church were in high spirits.

“Haha! Good, Judge Baggio, the strength of your ascetic monks is indeed formidable. This Light Fusion War Method is simply endless. With this, Hua Xia’s Star Realm will inevitably abandon their city wall advantage and fight us outside the city wall. At that time, we will catch them all in one fell swoop.”

Baggio also slightly nodded: “Your Majesty, I dare not boast about anything else, but we ascetics have lived for hundreds of years. When it comes to fighting, we are certainly top-notch. Regardless of how many Star Realm warriors Hua Xia has, if they dare to fight with us outside the city, we will definitely win, and our losses will not exceed half of our force.”

Yan Huang mockingly stimulated Baggio: “Judge, don’t brag too soon. Hua Xia has more than two hundred Star Realm warriors.”

“Too few top experts, merely a motley crowd.”

Baggio confidently smiled, but then said: “Of course, this is assuming no accidents happen. If a Heavenly Star List expert from the other side appears, there may be some variables in this battle.”

Yan Huang waved his hand: “No, the Heavenly Star List masters are in a mutual check and balance situation. We in the European Union also have the Heavenly Star List, and I don’t think Hua Xia’s Heavenly Star List warriors are brave enough to start a world war.”

Baggio continued: “Will the Heavenly Star List not take action, or will someone else come to stir the pot? For example, Lin Zhen, I think this man will definitely not fall easily. The Dantian air seal may not be able to hold him.”

Yan Huang’s expression also became solemn. No one was more wary of Lin Zhen than him. He was really worried that Lin Zhen would suddenly come out of somewhere to spoil his conquest plan.

But Lin Zhen’s whereabouts were unknown, and he was helpless.

The space in front of him fluctuated, revealing Shu Mingxuan’s Water Mirror Space.

“Divine Envoy!” Yan Huang and Baggio both saluted Shu Mingxuan.

“I found that bastard Lin Zhen.” The first words out of Shu Mingxuan’s mouth were about Lin Zhen, and his tone was filled with intense hatred for Lin Zhen.𝖋𝖗𝖊𝖊𝖜𝔢𝔟𝖓𝖔𝔳𝔢𝔩.𝔠𝖔𝔪