Age of Evolution# - C.339 - : Unstoppable, Success!

Age of Evolution#

C.339 - : Unstoppable, Success!

Chapter 339: Chapter 339: Unstoppable, Success!

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Watching Lin Zhen leave, Zhang Ye returned home and talked to his wife about what happened today.

His wife took the card Lin Zhen gave Zhang Ye and went with him to an ATM to swipe the card.

Zhang Ye was a bit reluctant, thinking that Lin Zhen should give him some reward, but he assumed it would be around thirty or twenty thousand at best. He wasn’t an ordinary person who had never seen money, so he didn’t really care about such a small amount.

However, after arriving at the ATM and entering the password written on the card, the couple was shocked by the number displayed on the screen.

An eight zeroes after the digit 1!

“Am I seeing things?” Zhang Ye rubbed his eyes, counted carefully twice, and confirmed that it was indeed 100 million cash.

“My God! How is this kid so rich? Who is he?”

“Look at the cardholder’s name!”

His wife made an even more surprising discovery, because the cardholder’s name was clearly Lin Zhen!

“This can’t be real, right? Am I dreaming? The person I taught gun techniques to is actually Lin Zhen? Could it be someone with the same name?”

The couple returned home in a daze, and it took them several days to sober up from the shock of teaching Lin Zhen and the 100 million cash.

After another night of healing, Lin Zhen’s injuries had finally fully recovered.

However, he did not return to the gym, but instead went to the Martial Artists District of Langfang City.

Lin Zhen had already made up his mind that in order to break through his state of mind, he must do so through actual combat.

Upon arriving at the Martial Artists District of Langfang, there was a virtual technology hall that provided a virtual environment for martial artists to fight in.

Virtual environments had become popular in the past two years, and many newly-emerged martial artists dared not directly enter the Wilderness Area, so they honed their skills in virtual environments instead.

However, the virtual hall was expensive, and there was no gain here unless the martial artists were wealthy; ordinary people really couldn’t afford it.

Entering the technology hall, Lin Zhen rented a virtual room.

The virtual rooms here were charged by the hour, with one hour costing 100,000 and a full day rental costing 2 million.

Lin Zhen rented the room for two days, costing 4 million.

This was a high-level virtual room, where the environment and monsters within could be designed and arranged by the user.

Lin Zhen chose the environment of the first floor of the Ancient God City, which he was quite familiar with.

“I’ll start with ten minutes and see how it feels.”

With a flash of white light, Lin Zhen appeared in the Ancient God City.

The virtual environment here was based on the Ancient God City, identical to the real world, making it difficult to distinguish between virtual and reality.

Lin Zhen went to the water and soaked his rope gun until it was extremely wet.

An Earth Dragon sprang forward, Lin Zhen took out the rope gun, turned his Star Power, and the rope gun instantly became as hard as metal, killing the small Earth Dragon in one strike.

“No, I can’t use Star Power, otherwise it won’t help me train.”

A Winged Dragon flew down from the sky, and this time Lin Zhen did not use Star Power, but instinctively attached gold energy to the rope gun, still killing the Winged Dragon with a single strike.

“Still not good enough, I shouldn’t use Elemental energy either.”

Another Earth Dragon appeared, and Lin Zhen used the Seven Stars Knife.

When another Earth Dragon appeared, Lin Zhen used the space-cutting technique.

After several continuous attempts, the time was up, and Lin Zhen exited the virtual space.

“This won’t work, my combat instincts are not easy to suppress. I will always unconsciously use various means when in danger, and I won’t be able to comprehend the state of mind like this. Unless…”

Lin Zhen bit his lip hard: “Unless I simply don’t know anything at all, that’s the only chance to comprehend the state of mind. Chance encounters are not easy to come by, so I might as well create an opportunity for myself, as long as I’m ruthless enough towards myself.”

Lin Zhen made up his mind about an extremely risky action.

Seal Dark Star!

Block Spiritual Power!

Close Space Ring!

Not using artifacts, not using Seven Stars Knife, not using Lightning Wings, and not summoning Xiao Nuan!

Ordinary martial artists couldn’t seal their Dantian willingly, but Lin Zhen could.

Now, his Dantian energy had been sealed, and as long as he separated the overlapping space of the Dark Star, the Star Power could not be released.

The Space Ring could also be closed, but no one sane would do so.

Imprisoning the Dantian, it would only automatically unlock after one day. Lin Zhen’s decision was very dangerous.

But for the sake of comprehension, Lin Zhen was all-in. He took out the rope gun and locked all the remaining items in the Space Ring.

Then, he sat down and began meditating. His Star Power flickered within his Dantian before returning to the Dark Star.

Under Lin Zhen’s control, the overlapping spaces were separated and ran on their separate orbits, only to reunite after a day.

In other words, Lin Zhen wouldn’t be able to restore his Star Power and open the Space Ring until a day later.

After doing all this, Lin Zhen took a deep breath.

Now his strength had hit rock bottom. In a day, his power was equivalent to a Level Nine Warrior Peak, completely relying on his physical strength to fight.

Although his experience would allow him to defeat ordinary War Generals, he was undoubtedly a weakling in the virtual Ancient God City, the weakest person.

After doing all this, Lin Zhen was really a bit unaccustomed to feeling so weak.

Setting the timer for thirty minutes again, Lin Zhen entered the virtual Ancient God City.

“I can’t recklessly take risks this time. The weakest creatures in the first level of the Ancient God City are A-level Mutant Beasts. I’m struggling to deal with A-level beasts right now, so I need to be cautious.”

Lin Zhen had just stood up and walked two steps when the head of a Speed Dragon appeared in the grass beside him, its green eyes staring intently at Lin Zhen.

Speed Dragon, an A-level Mutant Beast, fond of swarming.

Lin Zhen tightly clutched the ropedart in his hand, assuming a defensive posture.

The Speed Dragon roared and charged towards Lin Zhen. He swung the ropedart furiously, transforming it into a straight line that whipped through the air!


The Speed Dragon was knocked off balance, then immediately tried to bite Lin Zhen.

Lin Zhen suddenly felt nervous—his ropedart didn’t seem very effective.

He tried to dodge to the side, but it wasn’t easy to avoid an A-level Mutant Beast. A sleeve on Lin Zhen’s arm was torn away, leaving several bloody scratches on his arm.


Lin Zhen twirled the ropedart, causing it to twist in mid-air. The attack struck the back of the Speed Dragon.

Lin Zhen managed to execute the move at an extreme speed, which could have even pierced a real piece of wood. However, it was unable to pierce even a single scale on the Speed Dragon’s body.

Not only did it fail to pierce the skin, but Lin Zhen was also slapped by the Speed Dragon’s tail in the process.

His body stumbled and fell awkwardly. The pain slowed him down, and he struggled as he fought the Speed Dragon. His ropedart was indeed somewhat powerless, as he was injured in several places. He only managed to escape the virtual environment when the set time ran out.

Lin Zhen even thought he had died. It was only when he exited the virtual environment that he realized he was still alive.

“I don’t have any other options right now, so I’ll try again. I refuse to believe that I can’t kill an A-level Mutant Beast with this ropedart.”

Lin Zhen took a deep breath, set the timer to fifteen minutes, and re-entered the virtual space.

This time he lasted a bit longer, managing to hold on for the entire set time before coming back—just barely.

Although dying in the virtual environment wouldn’t cause harm to him in reality, it was impossible to distinguish between the two during the battle. So Lin Zhen couldn’t afford to let himself die.

A-level Mutant Beasts were not easy to defeat. Even weaker War Gods couldn’t defeat them. In his current state, Lin Zhen had no weapon, making it difficult to face an A-level creature.

But what Lin Zhen lacked least was perseverance and determination. The more he used the ropedart, the more proficient he became. He entered the virtual space for the third time.

This time, Lin Zhen persisted for twenty minutes, and finally managed to pierce the skin of the Speed Dragon with the ropedart. This was a significant improvement.

After leaving the space, Lin Zhen began to recall the scene of that piercing attack—the moment when he had been driven into a corner by the Speed Dragon, and had struck out with a desperate stab that had pierced the dragon’s mouth.

In that moment, he felt as if the ropedart had truly become a weapon.

“This is the feeling. I just haven’t pushed my limits yet, and my impression isn’t deep enough. I still need to experiment more.”

Having grasped the trick somewhat, Lin Zhen’s excitement was uncontrollable. He set the timer for another twenty minutes and re-entered the virtual environment.

Two days quickly passed, but Lin Zhen still hadn’t grasped the indestructible mindset. He rented the virtual space for another week.

Since there had been no movement from the church, Lin Zhen decided not to rush out immediately, fearing he wouldn’t be able to comprehend the indestructible mindset if he stayed any longer.

Only by pushing himself to the brink could he master such a mindset.

So this time, Lin Zhen set the timer for an entire week, vowing to either grasp the indestructible mindset or die fighting in the virtual environment.

Although the desperate approach was somewhat effective, Lin Zhen’s experience in the virtual world became even more intense the second time he encountered the Speed Dragon.

He fought the Speed Dragon for over two hours, completely forgetting that he was in a virtual battle. Once again, Lin Zhen was cornered by the dragon.

The dragon’s mouth clamped down fiercely on Lin Zhen’s waist, with blood gushing from the wound. If the Speed Dragon exerted more force, he would be bitten in half.

At that moment, Lin Zhen clenched his hands tightly around the ropedart, his mind filled with one thought: kill the Speed Dragon!

His target was the dragon’s skull.

“You can’t kill me! I, who was reborn and vowed to reach the peak, will not be killed by you, a mere beast!”

“No matter how tough your body is, it can’t stop my attack, Lin Zhen!”


An intense fighting spirit surged from Lin Zhen’s heart, his blood flowing fiercely towards his brain. In that moment, the ropedart in his hand became perfectly straight, and he thrust it viciously at the top of the Speed Dragon’s head!


A jet of dragon blood sprayed into the sky, splashing all over Lin Zhen.


As the dragon’s corpse fell to the ground, Lin Zhen stood beside it, eyes closed, his heart surging with intense emotions.