After the Fake Young Lady Stole Everything from Me, I Became the World’s Sweetheart - C.407: Four-Hundred and Seven: Objective


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Yun Liu was angry enough to throw a fit, but she didn’t know what to say.

Yun Zhang watched as they got further and further away from the Gu family residence and finally heaved a sigh of relief before saying calmly, “Not only did the Yun Corporation fail to improve in your hands, it has fallen to this point. What, you still want to hold on to it?”

Yun Liu bit her lip tightly. She had nothing to say to that.

“Yun Entertainment is my life’s work! I’m not going to leave it unattended!” Yun Zhang concluded.

Tan Ning’s heart sank when Yun Zhang and Yun Liu appeared at Yun Entertainment together. “President Yun, y-you’re here?” She forced a smile and went forward to welcome him with a bow, the hand placed behind her back signaling the crowd of workers to quickly clear the area.

Yun Liu finally relaxed after seeing that everyone had left. “Yun Zhang,” she said coldly, “what do you want? Stop with the excuse that you’re doing this for my own good, okay? It’s just some negative publicity, no big deal. Are you going to joke about our relationship like this? Don’t you think things are chaotic enough as it is?”

Stumped, Tan Ning asked, “What do you mean? You two, haven’t you two already officially announced your relationship? Yun Liu, when I asked you, didn’t you say that you’ve already thought it through?”

Yun Liu glared at her frostily and roared, “Thought what through? I was talking about Shi Nian back then!”

Tan Ning blurted out, “But today, we…w-we released a press release admitting you two’s relationship…” She stared at Yun Zhang and Yun Liu in despair as she finished.

Yun Liu was furious. She reached out and swept everything on the desk onto the floor. However, Yun Zhang smiled faintly at Tan Ning and said, “Well done.” Tan Ning didn’t know what expression to put on in response for a moment.

“Do you really want to marry Shi Nian that badly?” Yun Zhang casually threw the question out as he examined the decorations in the office. Yun Liu huffily looked away and answered, “You know I do! That has been my wish since I was a kid!”

“Well, I’m afraid your childhood dream now has to become another story,” Yun Zhang said calmly. “An adopted daughter slowly realized she couldn’t live without her adoptive family after finding and returning to her biological parents. Moreover, she realized she had fallen in love with her adoptive brother whom she had grown up with. She kept denying it at first and even tried to stop and correct such feelings by going on blind dates and meeting different guys. However, in the end, she decided to be loyal to her heart.”

“What do you think of this story, Tan Ning? Is it aesthetic or romantic enough?” Yun Zhang smiled at Tan Ning, but his smile didn’t reach his eyes. Tan Ning avoided his gaze and didn’t dare to speak.

Yun Liu finally couldn’t take it anymore and screamed, “Yun Zhang, what on earth do you mean by that? That’s disgusting!”

“Disgusting? What’s so disgusting about it? Tan Ning, from a marketing perspective, this story’s attractive enough, isn’t it?” Yun Zhang asked Tan Ning. “It’ll increase your online traffic.”

“I don’t want to attract attention! I don’t want online traffic!” Yun Liu retorted, trembling with anger. Tan Ning didn’t dare say a word.

Yun Zhang slowly tucked his smile away. “You don’t want attention or online traffic. You merely want to be a mistress that everyone hates? You’re so willing to cheapen yourself?! Yun Liu, I can’t believe I never saw this of you in the past!”

Yun Liu and Tan Ning were stunned. Yun Zhang had never used such a tone or such words to speak to Yun Liu. Never!

Yun Zhang looked at them and uttered slowly, word by word, “From now on, clean up your act and stow away your little tricks and schemes. As long as I’m here, you won’t make it to Shi Nian’s side in this lifetime!”

Yun Liu stared at him in a daze, something in her mind cracking open bit by bit. “You’re helping Yun Nan?”

Yun Zhang stood up, smoothed the wrinkles from his clothes and looked around before stating, “I’m doing this for the Yun Corporation. Tan Ning, the Yun family doesn’t support idlers. Arguably speaking, I should fire you since you’ve betrayed me. Trust lost is hard to regain, but I’ll still give you another chance. You’re quite capable, after all! Keep this in mind: Yun Entertainment belongs to the Yuns, and its owner is me, Yun Zhang!”

“I’m still leaving Yun Liu’s matter to you as before. If there’s even the slightest mistake, I’ll make sure you won’t be able to gain a foothold in this industry or Rong City!” Yun Zhang headed towards the door and added, “Good job on the press release; keep up the hard work! You’ll only be in charge of Yun Liu’s matters from now on. We can talk about the next step for you when I’m satisfied with you!”

He turned around when he got to the door as he suddenly thought of something and said, “Have Yun Liu focus on just her acting career like before. She need not get involved with any of the company’s management. My woman should naturally live a pampered life and not put herself out there, troubling herself over work and so on!”

In short, Yun Liu’s freedom was restricted from now on. With that, Yun Zhang left and shut the door behind him.

Bang! Yun Liu threw a pen holder at the door. It bounced back and crashed to the ground.

“Yun Zhang, come back here! What right do you have to treat me like this?! How dare you treat me like this!” Yun Liu cried and ran to pull open the door, but she found that it couldn’t be opened at all. The door was locked from the outside.