After the Fake Young Lady Stole Everything from Me, I Became the World’s Sweetheart - C.406 - Four-Hundred and Six: Coercion


Chapter 406: Chapter Four-Hundred and Six: Coercion

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“We choose to marry!” It was as if Bai Jie’s every word dripped blood as she continued, “Auntie, let’s have Gu Fei and Du Juan get married and make my little granddaughter legitimate. We’ll show everyone that Gu Fei isn’t gay—it’s all false accusations and made-up rumors. And I’m going to sue those unscrupulous media outlets! Girls, your brother is getting married so go prepare a wedding immediately! Pronto! Make sure no expense is spared! Our Gu Fei is to marry Du Juan in a grand manner!”

Of course, Gu Fei refused to agree to this. He screamed and protested, but his sisters had already sorted out their thoughts and wouldn’t let him mess around. They safeguarded Gu Fei because he represented the Gu family’s interests. If Gu Fei’s interests were to clash with the Gu family’s, it was evident which side they would stand on.

Besides, it’s just marrying a woman. Marrying a wealthy young lady was to bring glory to the family whereas marrying Du Juan was to wipe away the stain on their family’s name. It was the same logic whether he marries a wealthy young lady or Du Juan, so Gu Fei had no room for rebuttal.

Watching the scene from where he stood beside Yun Liu, Yun Zhang detachedly uttered, “Do you think there’s a place for you in the Gu family? What do you think they’ll do to you if you bring shame to the Gu family at a time like this?”

His words struck Yun Liu like a whip, and she instantly retorted, “Even if that’s the case, I can’t be with you. Yun Zhang, you’re my brother!”

Yun Zhang was expressionless as he replied, “As everyone knows, you’re the Gu family’s daughter that was raised by our family. We aren’t blood-related.”

Yun Liu stared at Yun Zhang in shock. “Big bro? Are you saying… Don’t tell me you really have feelings for me beyond that of a brother and sister?”

Yun Zhang unperturbedly looked at Yun Liu. “Does it matter? Isn’t saving you from this hellhole more important?”

Yun Liu was stunned by that. Yun Zhang shared a meaningful look with Chen Yao from afar before continuing, “You were raised by us, the Yun family. I can’t just sit by and watch you suffer. Let’s go. The Gu family’s matters have nothing to do with you anymore.”

Yun Liu eyed Yun Zhang in bewilderment. She didn’t believe Yun Zhang would be so kind. If it was in the past, she would’ve because Yun Zhang had cherished her since they were kids. He’d always put her first and foremost, following her lead and protecting her at all times.

However, she wasn’t sure that’s still the case now. After all, she’d emptied out the Yun family and then abandoned them after she returned to the Gu family. Yun Xiang and Gu Wei came looking for her many times but she ignored them. ‘Could Yun Zhang still treat me like before under such circumstances?’ she wondered. Yun Liu couldn’t if she were in his shoes.

Yun Zhang returned her gaze and suddenly gave her a faint smile. “What? You don’t believe that I’ll still treat you well?” Yun Liu didn’t know what to say as he’d hit the nail right on the head.

Yun Zhang glanced at the Gu family sisters who were in a messy flurry before asking her, “Then you still want to stay? Do you think you have a place here if you stay?”

Yun Liu followed his gaze and looked over, and her heart filled with despair at the scene. ‘None of them care about me now.’

Gu Fei and Gu He were the ones the Gu family truly cared about. Even her own mother had forgotten all about her after Gu He’s future was settled, single mindedly waiting for further news at Chen Yao’s side—waiting for confirmation of her son’s future spot in Eton.

Yun Liu knew that even if she could marry into the Shi family as she wished, her mother would only use her to help her son. At the thought, Yun Liu’s tears fell.

Yun Zhang placed his arm around her shoulder like he always used to. “Save your tears for the reporters we’ll be seeing shortly. You have to cooperate well with me if you don’t want your reputation ruined, sister dear!” Yun Zhang said, emphasizing the last two words especially.

The Gu family’s residence was already surrounded by reporters. It was impossible for Yun Liu to leave the Gu residence without a trace.

Yun Zhang drove out of the Gu residence directly via the main entrance. Faced with the swarming reporters, Yun Zhang considerately honked twice and then rolled down the window. Met with the noise of cellphone and camera shutters clicking nonstop, Yun Liu couldn’t help but raise her hands to cover her face, heart filled with despair as she thought, ‘So this is how it feels like to have nowhere to hide or escape in this big, big world.’

Yun Zhang graciously smiled at the reporters. “I can hold a press conference if you all think it’s necessary.”

Seeing his genial manner, the reporters instantly bombarded him with questions. “Mr. Yun, are you really going to marry Miss Yun Liu?”

“Mr. Yun, aren’t you and Miss Yun siblings?”

Yun Zhang stated lightly, “It’s true that she was raised by our family but she’s not blood-related to me. You all know this. We grew up together so no one knows us and our feelings better than each other. Who else can compare with our relationship?”

“T-Then, then, may I ask, will you be taking over Yun Entertainment, Mr. Yun?” 𝓯𝑟𝓮ℯ𝘸ℯ𝘣𝑛ℴ𝘷ℯ𝓵.𝘤𝑜𝑚

Yun Zhang smiled and answered, “Yun Corporation has always belonged to us Yuns. It’s Yun Liu’s dowry and also her bride price.” As the reporters gasped in surprised realization, Yun Zhang slowly drove away.

Yun Liu glared at Yun Zhang’s side profile and asked through gritted teeth, “You want to take over Yun Entertainment?”

Yun Zhang kept his focus on the road ahead. “I said it before: Yun Corporation is your dowry and your bride price.”