After the Fake Young Lady Stole Everything from Me, I Became the World’s Sweetheart - C.403 - Four-Hundred and Three: Elders


Chapter 403: Chapter Four-Hundred and Three: Elders

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“You all can only be fine if he’s fine! Therefore, I don’t care who, or what method you use, this matter has to be suppressed. Protecting Gu Fei’s reputation also means protecting our Gu family’s reputation! So, ladies! I want you to come up with a feasible solution right now!”

Bai Jie’s words were directed at everyone, but her gaze remained only on Yun Liu. Bai Jie’s intentions were clear, so Yun Liu had no choice but to straighten her back and utter through gritted teeth, “I’ll go explain to the media—”

“Explain? Do you think you can successfully explain this away?” A clear and cool voice rang out from the doorway. Chen Yao strode in and coldly glanced at Yun Liu.

“Auntie, what brings you here?” Bai Jie hurriedly stood up and respectfully asked. Chang Hui and Zheng Xiu also quickly and courteously stood on both sides as they greeted Chen Yao. All the Gu family’s young ladies also stood up to greet her, not daring to even breathe too loudly.

Chen Yao swept a gaze at them all before sitting herself down on the seat Bai Jie had given to her. She frostily uttered, “The Gu Corporation’s stock price is about to collapse, and you culprits are still here arguing amongst yourselves. It’ll truly be a letdown to your filial efforts if the Gu family doesn’t collapse!”

Bai Jie was visibly embarrassed. As the eldest daughter-in-law of the Gu family and with her parents-in-law having long passed away, she was the leading senior of the Gu family and was used to being the domineering figure. Although Chen Yao was her elder, the old lady had never interfered in their matters, so naturally, she’d never spoken harshly to her.

However, Chen Yao’s seniority was an undeniable fact. She was Bai Jie’s elder and it wouldn’t be too much even if the old lady asked her to kneel and be lectured. Bai Jie was just… not used to it.

Chen Yao’s gaze landed on Gu Fei, who was curled up in a corner playing games on his phone. The women of the family were in an uproar quarreling with each other, but he acted as if it had nothing to do with him at all. He didn’t lift his eyes off his phone or bat an eyelid, because even if the sky fell, someone would take care of it for him anyway. When Chen Yao came in, he only got to his feet because his sister dragged him up, and then he sat back down again.

Chen Yao calmly stated, “Gu Fei, your granduncle has already gone to the company to discuss this with the shareholders. If the shareholders still won’t let you off the hook, your granduncle will take over your Gu Corporation!”

“What?!” Bai Jie cried out in shock but quickly shut her mouth when Chen Yao looked over. Only then did Gu Fei put down his phone and stared at Chen Yao, dazed.

Chen Yao said to Gu Fei, “Your father and uncles worked hard to develop the Gu Corporation to where it is today, all to pave the way for you, the family’s sole male heir. But from what I’ve seen, you don’t care for it. Since that’s the case, why not be a wealthy idler?”

“Although your granduncle has not involved himself in the Gu family’s matters for a long time, he’s still part of the family. In order to let you live a carefree life, he’ll just have to work hard once more and take over the Gu Corporation!” Chen Yao uttered in an indifferent tone.

“N-No, that won’t do! I-It’s quite inappropriate to trouble Uncle Gu Bei, isn’t it?” Bai Jie replied, voice trembling.

Chen Yao frowned at her and asked, “Then do you have any good ideas? You can either let the Gu Corporation’s reputation be ruined by Gu Fei—the corporation’s stock price is falling to the limit as we speak, the shareholders are arguing in vain with your overwhelmed husbands—or let another person with the surname Gu take over and reorganize the Gu Corporation. You guys choose.”

Bai Jie clenched her fists tightly. They were scheming to take Gu Bei’s wealth all the time, but they’d never expected one wrong move would allow Gu Bei to invade them, and even had them offer up the entire Gu Corporation. f𝚛ee𝐰𝗲𝐛n𝐨v𝚎𝗹.com

‘This-this is simply asking for our family’s lives!’ Bai Jie cried mentally. Still slightly dumbfounded, Gu Fei looked at his mother for help.

Chen Yao didn’t wait for Bai Jie to speak. She stared at Gu Fei as she stated, “Of course, there is a third option—if you’ll agree to it, that is.”

“What is it?” Gu Fei couldn’t help but ask.

“Find a girl and get married. That’ll prove those rumors false and make them go away. Let your—that man—be your best man. That’s the best endorsement of your marriage. It’ll save everyone effort.” Chen Yao answered, looking at Gu Fei.

“No, I won’t! I’m not getting married!” Gu Fei blurted out heatedly.

Chen Yao turned her eyes away in disappointment, but Bai Jie took a step forward and said anxiously, “Auntie, will that really work?” Chen Yao glanced at her and didn’t say anything. She accepted a cup of tea from the maid and took a sip.

“But…” Gu Rou couldn’t help but worry. “In this current situation, where can we find a wealthy young lady who’s willing to marry Gu Fei?”

Bai Jie nodded in agreement and looked at Chen Yao. Chen Yao sneered, “You guys are still thinking about finding a wealthy young lady? Don’t you think that’s wishful thinking?”

The other women all anxiously regarded Chen Yao. The old lady raised her hands and clapped twice. Two middle-aged maids came in at the signal. One of them was supporting a frail and thin young woman, and the other held a baby in her arms.

Some of the Gu family’s women stared at them curiously, while others exclaimed. Chen Yao quietly noted everyone’s reaction. “Gu Fei,” she said, “Du Juan risked her life to give birth to your child. You should seriously consider whether you want to marry her or not.”

Chen Yao glanced at him and didn’t bother giving him a second look.