After the Fake Young Lady Stole Everything from Me, I Became the World’s Sweetheart - C.395 - Three-Hundred and Ninety-Five: Come to the Door


Chapter 395: Chapter Three-Hundred and Ninety-Five: Come to the Door

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“Good!” Gu Man nodded haughtily, unabashedly saying, “I want Gu Fei disgraced. I want the Gu family completely discredited!”

Yun Liu hesitated before replying, “I’ll be careful to cover my tracks. Otherwise, if the family finds out you were the one who instructed me to do so, I’m afraid Aunt Chang Hui will come knocking on your door.”

Gu Man sneered, “No matter. Do you think I’m afraid of them? They’ve trampled us under their feet for so many years.” She glanced at Yun Liu and continued, “Don’t think you’ll be much better off than me because you’re their biological daughter. Girls like us are nothing more than tools in the Gu family. When they find a suitable man to marry us off to, they’ll start to wantonly feed on us and our in-laws, putting us in a difficult position. Hmph! I hate the Gu family’s women!”

Yun Liu uttered softly, “Calm down, Gu Man. If Gu Fei’s matter isn’t enough to vent your anger, we can slowly make other plans. In any case, I’m on your side, Gu Man. I don’t have any feelings for the Gu family. You know my situation there best.”

Gu Man calmed down. She’d already accepted Yun Liu’s overtures in her heart but just refused to admit it out loud. Finally, she couldn’t help but caution Yun Liu, “You should be careful for yourself, too. Don’t go against them head-on; you’re no match for those Gu family women! You can lure them over once we have a firm foothold here, and I’ll send them to the dirtiest places to relieve our anger!”

The two women looked at each other and smiled maliciously with mutual understanding.

Shi Xiu couldn’t help but feel angry as she looked at the various gifts the Gu family had brought. She glared at Yun Liu and hissed lowly, “I’ve already agreed to let you join in the documentary, so why are you still getting up in my face?”

Yun Liu gave her an innocent look and timidly turned to glance at Madam Gu and Xu Yun chatting in the living room before whispering, “I came with my aunt and mother for a visit. I don’t have any other intentions—”

“Oh, we have guests!” Yun Nan’s clear voice came from the second floor, cutting Yun Liu off. Yun Nan walked out of the elevator, pushing Shi Nian in his wheelchair, and Yun Liu’s lovestruck gaze immediately fell on Shi Nian.

Shi Xiu disgruntledly nudged her and warned, “Don’t even think about having any designs on my brother!”

Yun Liu smiled at her. “Shi Xiu, dear, Shi Nian and Yun Nan are already married. What designs could I have on him?” Shi Xiu glowered at her and turned to go over to Yun Nan; she was too afraid that Yun Nan would be wronged.

Xu Yun couldn’t make heads or tails of the Gu family’s visit. Although the incident between Gu Fei and Shi Xiu last time was only a small matter, quite a few of her friends and family knew about it, so she was extremely displeased with them.

Chang Hui came over the moment she saw Shi Nian, commenting, “Oh dear, why are you still in a wheelchair? Did the doctors not say when you’ll fully recover?”

She reached out to snatch the wheelchair’s push handle as she spoke and squeezed Yun Nan to the side. She then said concernedly to Xu Yun, “For a mother, it’s as if the sky has fallen when their child gets injured. I understand that all too well, Xu Yun. How anxious you must’ve been when this happened to Shi Nian!”

Xu Yun smiled detachedly and didn’t say anything. Seeing that, Chang Hui continued, “Yun Liu, take Shi Nian out for some fresh air. He must feel stuffy being cooped up in his room all day.” Chang Hui handed the wheelchair’s push handle to Yun Liu. Without giving Yun Nan a chance to object, she grabbed her hand and pulled her to her side, walking over to Xu Yun as she uttered, “Oh, Yun Nan, we came here especially to ask you something!”

Yun Nan looked at her reddened hand and impassively commented, “Madam

Gu, you’re hurting me!”

Chang Hui ignored her and somewhat forcefully pushed Yun Nan to sit on the sofa before turning to Xu Yun. “Xu Yun, we came here this time to ask for your help. We wish to beg this good daughter-in-law of yours if she could shoot a promotional film for the Gu family.”

Xu Yun frowned. She stretched out her hand to gesture for Yun Nan to sit beside her and said, “We never talk about work at home, and I won’t ever get

involved in Yun Nan’s work.”

Yun Nan moved to sit beside Xu Yun and saw Yun Liu pushing Shi Nian out the door from the corner of her eye. Shi Xiu was worried and wanted to follow them, but Yun Nan shook her head gently. Shi Xiu stopped in her tracks but glared burningly at Yun Liu’s retreating figure as if she wanted nothing more than to burn two holes in her back.

Shi Nian silently let Yun Liu push him out as if tacitly allowing Yun Liu’s approach, and Yun Liu couldn’t help but be secretly overjoyed. ‘Beginnings are never easy, and now I’ve already taken the most difficult first step,’ she thought.

Someone walked over and said in surprise, “Yun Liu, why are you also here?” Yun Liu lifted her head and couldn’t help but step back when she saw who it was.

‘Its Yun Zhang!’ she inwardly exclaimed. Dressed in casual clothes with one hand in his trouser pocket, he was tall and dazzlingly handsome. “Big Brother?”

Yun Liu stuttered..novelbuddy.c(o)m

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