After the Fake Young Lady Stole Everything from Me, I Became the World’s Sweetheart - C.393 - Three-Hundred and Ninety-Three: Conflict


Chapter 393: Chapter Three-Hundred and Ninety-Three: Conflict

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Gu Rou and Gu Wan stared at Shi Xiu discontentedly. Shi Xiu returned their looks coldly, stating, “Misses Gu, I can let Gu Fei off the hook for offending me on account of the relationship between our two families’ elders. As for what kind of rumors will spread outside, that’s not something I can control. I believe the Gu family has the capability to shut people’s mouths up.” (f)reewe(b)novel

Shi Xiu then raised her voice to state clearly at the paparazzi hiding sneakily in the various corners, “Miss Yun Liu and I have made an appointment to discuss our future cooperation, and I don’t want the news to leak before we’ve successfully negotiated things, so please keep quiet about this!”

The implied meaning behind her words was that the paparazzi could publish whatever they wanted about Gu Fei, and the Shi family wouldn’t pursue the matter. The media reporters and paparazzi were all momentarily dumbfounded. Everyone knew that no one dared to provoke Shi Xiu. This young miss had even bought over ‘ Vision ofEternity a while back merely because of a slight disagreement with the bar’s previous owner. The media and paparazzi didn’t dare to offend Shi Xiu, fearing they would be unable to survive in their industry otherwise.

‘ Now that we’ve received the princess’s ‘decree, ‘ what are we waiting for? the media reporters and paparazzi thought. Cameras were aimed right at Gu Fei and his bunch of male friends and began to flash brazenly, and the scene quickly devolved into chaos.

Shi Xiu glanced at Yun Liu—who was standing beside her—and turned to leave. Yun Liu hurriedly followed with a timid expression. Lan Long saw the two’s entire exchange and pressed his lips together to hide his smile as he followed after them.

After leaving the rowdy hall, Shi Xiu looked at Yun Liu coldly. “Is this your way of forcing me to allow you to join in the documentary?” she asked.

The timidity on Yun Liu’s face had disappeared without a trace, and although her head was still half-lowered, her voice was calm and bland as she replied, “Shi Xiu, I think you and I should have a proper talk about this matter. There are many things we can’t help in the entertainment industry. You don’t have to worry about anything because you come from a good family.”

She continued, “But you’re a member of Yun Innovations. You should consider problems from your company’s perspective, shouldn’t you? Unlike you, I don’t come from a great family, and my status there isn’t high either. I’ve never thought of competing with you for anything. It’s just that I was the only one not invited to the follow-up documentary of the show ‘Embracing Life’ that we participated in together, and that’s awkward for me.”

Shi Xiu sneered, “That has nothing to do with me, and don’t use my company’s name to blackmail me emotionally. Yun Liu, you’d better not try your little tricks before me. I won’t fall for them!”

Yun Liu didn’t cry and play the victim like she usually did. Instead, she looked at Shi Xiu detachedly and uttered, “Then, what if I use Shi Nian as a condition?”

Shi Xiu’s pupils dilated, and Yun Liu smiled faintly. “Shi Xiu, we can be considered helping each other with this deal. If you let me join in the documentary, I’ll consider not pestering Shi Nian and not causing trouble for

Yun Nan anymore.”

Shi Xiu bit her lip and said stiffly, “Alright, deal. Tell your manager to come to my office tomorrow to discuss the details!”

Yun Liu smiled and gently responded, “Thank you, dear Shi Xiu!”

Shi Xiu glared at her viciously before saying to Lan Long. “I’ve got something to do, so I’ll be going now.”

Lan Long smiled and stepped forward. “I’ll drive you back.” Lan Long walked with Shi Xiu to the lobby’s entrance, and Shi Xiu thought for a moment and stated, “I think I should leave by myself. My celebrity identity is a little sensitive. I don’t want to cause you any trouble.”

Lan Long nodded in understanding. “Why don’t I get someone to drive you? Take my car. Those reporters aren’t familiar with it.”

Shi Xiu gave it some thought and accepted Lan Long’s kind offer, and Lan Long watched her leave. When Lan Long returned to his office, Yun Liu was already there waiting for him.

Seeing him, Yun Liu stood up respectfully and said, “Mister Lan.”

Lan Long walked straight to his office chair and sat down. “Please take a seat, Miss Yun.” Yun Liu carefully sat down.

“So you want to become the head of the Gu family, Miss Yun?” Lan Long casually asked as he flipped through the documents on his desk.

“Yes!” Yun Liu composedly answered. “Please help me achieve my wish, Mr. Lan.”

Lan Long looked up at her and smiled lightly. “Miss Yun truly has some big ambitions. ”

Yun Liu bit her lip and didn’t speak. ‘Why do I feel like you don’t have much confidence?” Lan Long questioned. “Are you not confident that I can help you achieve your wish, or are you not confident in your ability to take charge of the Gu family alone in the future?”

Been seen through, Yun Liu looked at Lan Long in shock. Lan Long chuckled, “I heard you’re deeply in love with Shi Nian. I thought you would beg me to help you get together with him instead.”

Yun Liu mustered up her courage to reply, “I need a powerful family background and status to be on equal footing with Shi Nian.”

“But Yun Nan doesn’t have a powerful family background,” Lan Long indifferently reminded her.

“She does,” Yun Liu told him. “She’s the named successor of the Gu family’s second branch, Gu Bei. Mr. Lan, you don’t know Yun Nan well; that woman is especially good at flattery and scheming to further her own interests..”

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