After the Fake Young Lady Stole Everything from Me, I Became the World’s Sweetheart - C.392 - Three-Hundred and Ninety-Two: Taunt


Chapter 392:?Chapter Three-Hundred and Ninety-Two: Taunt

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A group of men jeered and surrounded Lan Long. His bodyguard was about to step forward when Lan Long’s gaze stopped him. Shi Xiu realized what was happening and broke free from Lan Long’s protective hold to look back. ‘It’s Gu Fei,’ she thought, surprised.

Gu Fei, who was slightly drunk, also recognized Shi Xiu. “Oh, I was wondering who it is. So it’s the high and lofty Miss Shi! What? Did you finally find a prince charming who’s to your liking and matches your status? Does this prince of yours know that you’re a scheming b*tch?” Gu Fei mocked, walking over as he half-supported and half-leaned himself against a tall, muscular man.

Shi Xiu stood up and called out angrily, “Gu Fei! What nonsense are you talking about?”

Gu Fei smugly glanced at the ‘thin and frail-looking’ Lan Long standing beside Shi Xiu, and his courage rose. “Am I spouting nonsense? You guys don’t know, do you? This Miss Shi Xiu is scheming and mercenary; she’ll use any friend and family as a stepping stone to achieve her goals. She abused her family’s privileged status to bully a lot of people. I’m telling you, bro, don’t think you’ve found a treasure—she’s a piece of trash that no one wants!” fre(e)novelkiss

Shi Xiu delivered a sound slap on the left side of Gu Fei’s face, so infuriated that she trembled all over. Stunned, Gu Fei covered his blistering cheek and then laughed. “Oh, did I hit a nerve? Look at the furious and flustered look on your face! It’s so ugly! Hahahaha!”

Gu Fei laughed with impunity, and the next second, his laughter suddenly cut off. “Oof!” Lan Long sent Gu Fei flying with a punch to the stomach, crashing and knocking over a bunch of tables, chairs, cups, and plates.

“Gu Fei!”

“Young Master Gu!”

Gu Fei’s posse rushed over to help him up, and then they glared in unison at the handsome man beside Shi Xiu. Shi Xiu was a little shocked at Lan Long’s actions but stretched out her hands to protect him.

Still bent over and clutching his stomach, Gu Fei got up with his friends’ help, and his lips curled into an even more malicious smile than before. “Bro, you sure are in a hurry to show off to this beauty, but here’s my advice: things won’t end well for you if you get involved with this woman. She’s a vicious woman who likes to pretend to be weak and vulnerable and have men wrapped around her little finger. Oh, by the way, she’s also quite good in bed. You can give it a try!”

Lan Long slapped Gu Fei hard on the right side of his face. He retracted his hand and wiped it with a tissue as he said, “Sir, isn’t it despicable to insult a young girl in public like this?”

Gu Fei glowered at Lan Long, his head ringing from the slap. ‘You’re working so hard to gain her favor. Did she promise you some generous terms?” he sneered. “Did she promise you could marry her and be her matrilocal husband? I can tell at first glance that you’re just a kept man!”

Lan Long looked at him indifferently. “Young Master Gu, I presume? Is it public knowledge that you’re gay? Oh, it seems that your friends here all know. Then do your parents know? Does your Gu family know? Do your Gu family’s business partners know? If they don’t, how about I help you inform everyone?” His gaze fell on the burly man beside Gu Fei, and his tone was filled with pity as he added, “If anything happens to this gentleman in the future, it’s probably because the Gu family’s ladies wanted to silence him, right?”

The man unconsciously let go of Gu Fei when he heard that, causing him to stagger. “Gu Fei!” A worried voice sounded from outside the crowd. Gu Rou and Gu Wan pushed through the crowd and stood protectively on both sides of their little brother, glaring at Lan Long and Shi Xiu while scrutinizing the men around Gu Fei.

“Gu Rou, Gu Wan, you should bring Gu Fei home first,” Yun Liu’s voice suddenly said. Gu Rou and Gu Wan started to panic. Yun Liu’s presence meant that the media reporters always following after her would be here. Gu Wan stared daggers at Yun Liu and warned, “I’m blaming it all on you if any news about what happened today gets leaked!”

Yun Liu didn’t dare to talk back and replied with extreme grievance, ‘Gu Wan, I didn’t know Gu Fei would be here. I came to discuss some matters with Shi

Xiu. ”

There was a camera flash in the distance, and Yun Liu instinctively covered her face, intentionally or unintentionally shielding Shi Xiu and Lan Long behind her. “Shi Xiu,” Yun Liu uttered quietly, “you leave first. I’ll handle this.”

Shi Xiu was momentarily startled before detachedly stating, “I don’t need your help.” She stepped forward and stood beside Yun Liu before proudly saying, “We haven’t talked about our business yet, have we?”

Yun Liu looked at Shi Xiu timidly, seeming as if she didn’t dare say anything else..

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