After the Fake Young Lady Stole Everything from Me, I Became the World’s Sweetheart - C.391 - Three-Hundred and Ninety-One: Deception


Chapter 391: Chapter Three-Hundred and Ninety-One: Deception

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Xi Cheng returned to his mother’s and Lin Yu’s ward in a dark mood. Lin Yu quickly sat up in her hospital bed and asked, “How did it go? How are Xiang Yang and Shi Nian’s injuries?” Han Yuan, who was on the bed beside her, also quietly opened her eyes.

Xi Cheng hurriedly strode over to Lin Yu’s bed and helped her lie down, grumbling, “You should care about yourself more; don’t always put others first

—they don’t appreciate it.”

Lin Yu didn’t resist and laid down before saying gently, “We’re good to others because we’re just doing what we should be doing, not because we want their appreciation or gratitude. Did they say something to make you unhappy?

Xi Cheng didn’t say anything. He sat on the chair beside the bed and rubbed circles into Lin Yu’s hand before uttering softly, “Lin Yu, you’ve done well. As the Xi family’s young madam, no one could’ve done better than you. You’ve suffered a lot for the Xi family, and even I’ve let you down. Lin Yu, I, sometimes

Lin Yu cut Xi Cheng off. “Enough, Xi Cheng. Say no more. We’re husband and wife. We’re of one flesh.” She smiled warmly and continued, “The four great families have been friends for generations. Putting aside your families’ intertwined business relationships, you four guys’ close bonds can’t be fractured just because of us, right?”

Xi Cheng disgruntledly replied, “Those three have now gotten together and are all against me.”

Lin Yu was inwardly anxious but outwardly still patiently smiled as she stated,

“Alright, you big kid. So tell me, how’s Shi Nian’s injury?”

Xi Cheng waved his hand. “He’s fine. I felt like he’d stood up when I left, but only briefly—he sat back in his wheelchair after a short while. Who knows what he’s up to this time? That guy, hmph! Perhaps he’s pretending to be seriously injured to use Yun Nan to straighten up his corporation’s shareholders! That’s something he would do!”

Lin Yu was secretly spooked but calmly questioned, “Then what about Xiang Yang? Is Xiang Yang better?”

Xi Cheng sighed, “I don’t think so. I heard from two nurses passing by that Xiang Yang’s condition seems to be quite serious. She’s gone crazy or dumb—something like that; I didn’t hear clearly. There’s no point in asking the nurses. They won’t say anything in respect of the patient’s privacy.”

Lin Yu nodded and said a few perfunctory words to Xi Cheng before sending him away. Before he left, Xi Cheng stood up and went over to check on his mother. Han Yuan closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. Xi Cheng turned around and whispered to Lin Yu, “Mom’s asleep. I’ll be leaving now. You rest up.”

After he was gone, Lin Yu quietly got up and pulled open the curtain slightly to look at Han Yuan. She saw that the woman’s breathing was steady and was reassured when she recalled that the doctor had increased Han Yuan’s sedative dosage. freewebnov(e)l

Even so, Lin Yu still lowered her voice when she made her call. “Shi Nian’s injuries are most likely fake. Xiang Yang’s wrecked.” Han Yuan silently opened her eyes, secretly eavesdropping on Lin Yu.

“Mr. Lan, as long as you help me take over the Xi Corporation, I only want however much the Lin family had back then. I’ll give the rest to you as my thanks, but those people must die!” (f)reenovelkiss

After the call ended, Lin Yu slowly put down her phone and leaned against her pillow. She stroked her stomach and said softly, “You must give Mama power, dear child. The Xi Corporation is yours; Mama’ll definitely take care of it for you. But before that, Mama has to help you cleanse the Xi Corporation! Let those unnecessary people go to hell! Your father’s an incompetent bungler, so Mama has to do things myself.”

Lan Long put down his phone and looked at Shi Xiu—who was eating with relish—with eyes full of love. “Is it really that delicious?”

A little embarrassed, Shi Xiu nodded before asking, “Am I eating too much?”

Lan Long chuckled, “It just shows that you have a good appetite, and that’s a good thing! I see many girls control their appetite for the sake of their figures; it’s terrible! I think happiness is the most important thing in life. Isn’t it a waste of God’s gift if you don’t enjoy your youth while you’re still young?”

Shi Xiu mock-chided, “You sound like an old man there. Don’t treat me like a kid. I’m not a little girl anymore—I’m an adult!”

Lan Long nodded and couldn’t help but laugh. “Yes, yes. Our Miss Shi Xiu isn’t just an adult; she’s a big star! Who would dare say that she’s silly and childish?”

With that, he burst out in laughter, and Shi Xiu lightly whacked him. Lan Long stopped laughing and reached out to ruffle Shi Xiu’s hair. “You’re so cute,” he said earnestly. “You’re the cutest girl I’ve ever met.” The sudden praise and earnestness stunned Shi Xiu, and her cheeks burned.

*Bang!* A wine bottle fell and shattered explosively beside Shi Xiu’s chair. Shi

Xiu jumped in shock and instinctively dodged in Lan Long’s direction, and Lan Long shielded Shi Xiu in his arms. His eyes were icy cold when he looked back at the perpetrator..

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