After the Fake Young Lady Stole Everything from Me, I Became the World’s Sweetheart - C.388 - : Three -Hundred and Eighty-Eight:


Deaf to Reason

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It was as if he’d touched upon a forbidden subject at the mention of Fang Xi. Xi Cheng instantly turned ashen and lowered his head without saying a word.

Shi Nian looked at his buddy, and his tone eased as he said gently, “I’m sorry,

Xi Cheng.”

Xi Cheng crossed his arms and whispered, “No, it’s not like that. This is different… They’re all different!”

Xi Cheng stood up abruptly and headed out without looking back. “Xi Cheng!” Shi Nian called out, so angry that he stood up from his wheelchair. “Open your eyes and wake up already!”

Xi Cheng pulled the door open and walked out without a backward glance at Shi Nian. Yun Nan sighed while Shi Nian fell back into his wheelchair and heavily slammed his hand on the armrest. “That man’s impossible!”

Yun Nan counseled, “Forget it. Don’t be angry anymore. You’re lucky he didn’t turn around just now. If he saw you standing up…”

She didn’t continue. Shi Nian unhappily changed the topic. “How’s Xiang Yang? Any progress? freewebnove(l).com

Yun Nan shook her head. “She’s still unresponsive to the outside world.” Xiang Yang had woken up, but no matter if it was people, objects, sound, or light, she was unresponsive to them all. She spent her days in a daze as if her soul was gone. Shi Ke stayed by her side, helpless and at a loss. It pained him extremely seeing his wife in such a state, and he vowed to find the ones who’d hurt Xiang Yang.

Shi Nian mused, “It’s about time. Put the word out that I’m going to be discharged soon. We’ve got to move things on and let those rats all jump out into the open. It’s time to round them up.”

He stood up, pulled Yun Nan into his arms, and gently kissed the top of her head. “It’s been tough on you. I’d thought I could protect and shelter you. I didn’t expect I would bring you so much trouble instead.”

Yun Nan wrapped her arms around his waist and leaned against his chest.

“We’re husband and wife, which means we are of one flesh, in weal and woe. When you return to the Shi Corporation, everything will return to normal, at least on the surface. We can put everything else aside and focus on Fang Xi and Ye Kun’s wedding; they can’t delay it anymore. They’ve already changed their wedding date again and again for our sake; we can’t delay their wedding any longer.”

Shi Nian smiled at that. “I wonder if they’ll still hold our weddings together!”

Yun Nan also smiled. “I don’t know.” novelbuddy. com

Shi Nian patted her. “It’s alright. I’ll go give Mom a hint,” he assured her.

Xu Yun swiftly gathered her best friends and excitedly joined the wedding preparation team. Yun Nan pretended not to know anything about their ‘secret plan’ and continued to busy herself with her work as usual, discussing her next documentary with the investors she’d made appointments with.

Yun Nan’s documentaries were well-known in the industry, so there was no lack of people who wanted to invest in her upcoming work. However, the person she was about to meet today had offered very generous conditions, so Fang Xi strongly suggested Yun Nan meet him in person. Yun Nan didn’t think that was necessary, but given Fang Xi’s pre-wedding jitters, Yun Nan explicitly and implicitly shared a part of Fang Xi’s workload, which included meeting their investors.

Before their guest arrived, Yun Nan noticed that Fang Xi looked like she wanted to say something but hesitated several times and asked with a smile, “What’s on your mind, Fang Xi? Did Ye Kun do something that made you unhappy? Tell me, I’ll get Shi Nian to remind him!”

Fang Xi rolled her eyes at her. “Beat it, you! Don’t tease me about that.”

Yun Nan smiled but didn’t say anything. “Hey, Yun Nan. Ye Kun and I are holding our wedding soon, so when do you and Shi Nian plan to hold yours?” Fang Xi asked.

Yun Nan looked at her and shrugged. “I haven’t thought about it!”

“Then think about it now!” Fang Xi urged.

Yun Nan shook her head and chuckled, “The Shi family had just experienced such a huge ordeal. How could any of us still have the mood and energy to think about these things? Don’t worry about me; what matters now is getting you married off first!”

Fang Xi rolled her eyes at her again and said disgruntledly, “That wretched girl, Yun Liu, still hasn’t given up. I think you should announce your marriage to the world. See what she can do then! Shut those vile rumors and hearsay down in one move. Hmpf!”

Yun Nan shook her head and smiled. “What’s my wedding got to do with her? No matter what she does, it’s not worth me using my wedding to counter her.

She’s not worth it!”

Fang Xi gave Yun Nan a thumbs-up. “Yeah! That’s right! I like your attitude! We’re purely getting married for our own happiness!”

Yun Nan nodded in satisfaction. “Don’t worry, Yun Nan,” Fang Xi stated earnestly. “With me around, you’ll definitely get a grand wedding full of blessings!”

Yun Nan went forward and hugged Fang Xi. “Alright, my almighty Fang Xi. My happiness depends on you!” The two laughed and joked until Lu Hui came in to inform them that their guest had arrived.

Fang Xi headed out on her cane. “Work hard, Yun Nan. You have to secure this investor! This next documentary isn’t just your dream; it’s mine too!”

Yun Nan placed her right hand on her forehead and saluted Fang Xi before sitting back down at her desk, waiting for the guest to come in..

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