After the Fake Young Lady Stole Everything from Me, I Became the World’s Sweetheart - C.387 - : Three-Hundred and Eighty-Seven: Pregnant


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Xi Cheng came over and supported her by the shoulders. “Lin Yu, what’s wrong?”

Lin Yu looked up at Xi Cheng and went limp, falling into Xi Cheng’s arms. Xi Cheng was shocked. “Lin Yu! Lin Yu, you’re scaring me. Wake up, Lin Yu!” he shouted as he carried her to look for the doctor. Han Yuan, lying on the hospital bed, had opened her eyes at her son’s exclamations and stared unmoving at the ceiling.

When Xi Cheng saw Lin Yu, who was on a hospital bed, opening her eyes, he cried out in surprised joy, “Lin Yu, you’re awake! That’s great! You’re going to be a mom! We have a child!”

Lin Yu stared at Xi Cheng dazedly, seemingly not comprehending his words. Xi Cheng held Lin Yu’s hand and placed it on his face as he tenderly stated, “You’re pregnant! The doctor said that the child is a little unstable and that you need plenty of bed rest. You’re exhausted from taking care of Mom. Lin Yu, I’m sorry!”

Lin Yu’s tears gushed out, and she sobbed. Xi Cheng quickly comforted her: “Don’t cry. The doctor said that pregnant women can’t get too emotional. You have a baby in your belly; you have to protect him well.”

Lin Yu hurriedly nodded, but her tears wouldn’t stop, no matter what. “How’s Mom?” Lin Yu asked with a sob.

Xi Cheng quickly answered, “Mom’s fine. I’ll get Lily over to care for her. The most important thing for you now is to take care of yourself and our child.” Xi Cheng gently placed his hand on Lin Yu’s belly and uttered emotionally, “Lin

Yu, we have a child. We’re going to be parents.”

Deep inside, Lin Yu was extremely calm. She pretended to be unconscious and was awake throughout the examination; she had to do that and act surprised to make sure that Xi Cheng wasn’t suspicious of what had just happened. Fortunately, she was lucky; Xi Cheng didn’t suspect a thing. ‘This child’s my lucky star,’ she thought. ‘It’s great that the matter got passed overjust like that.’

Lin Yu pulled herself together and began showing concern for Han Yuan. “Xi Cheng, let me stay with Mom. Lily’s uninformed about Mom’s situation; I’m afraid she won’t be able to take good care of her.”

Xi Cheng mused, “Alright, but you should take care of yourself, too. If you need anything done, get Lily to do it. Stop doing everything yourself, understand?”

Lin Yu smiled. “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of myself and Mom. You, on the other hand, should take some time to visit Shi Nian and Xiang Yang. I’ve gone over several times myself as we’re staying in the same hospital, but I’ve only said hello and stayed for a short while each time. After all, I’m not as close as you buddies who grew up together, isn’t that right?”

Xi Cheng nodded repeatedly when he heard that. “You’re right. That’s really thoughtful of you. I’ll go and see Shi Nian in a bit. I happen to have something to tell him.”

Shi Nian looked at the overjoyed Xi Cheng, and after congratulating him, he deliberated for a long while before finally deciding to tell Xi Cheng that Lin Yu might have participated in the siege against the Shi Corporation. freewebn(o)

Xi Cheng was shocked. “What?!” He then chuckled, “Shi Nian, you must have misunderstood.” He glanced at Yun Nan sitting at the side and remarked bluntly, “I admit that Lin Yu did try to introduce a girlfriend to you without knowing you were married. However, she didn’t mean any harm; she did it for your own good on account of our friendship.”

He continued, “I know Yun Nan has a problem with her—that’s understandable —but you’ve also known Lin Yu for so many years. You know what kind of person she is. She would never do such a thing, and she doesn’t have the ability to do so, right?”

He looked at Yun Nan. “Lin Yu isn’t like Yun Nan; she’s incapable of taking charge by herself. Lin Yu is most suited to be a good wife and mother; I don’t think anyone can match her in that regard. But she truly doesn’t know anything about business. Shi Nian, it’s really impossible. I remember now:

Liang Han had also explicitly and implicitly hinted that Lin Yu interfered in the

Xi Corporation’s matters. You guys truly got the wrong idea! Really!”

Yun Nan and Shi Nian looked at each other and had a silent conversation with their eyes. Yun Nan got up and said, “You guys talk. I’m going out for a walk.” However, Shi Nian stopped her. They were husband and wife, so she had the right to know everything.

Xi Cheng unhappily commented, “Shi Nian, I know you two are close, but you can’t just believe her side of the story, can you? You know what kind of person

Lin Yu is.”

“No, Xi Cheng, I don’t know. And now, I find that I don’t even know you!” Shi

Nian brusquely replied. “You asked Liang Han to help you buy ‘Vision of

Eternity off Shi Xiu to give to Gu Man, and yet, you’re now avidly defending Lin Yu. Xi Cheng, what on earth do you want? Don’t tell me you plan on two-timing them.. Have you so quickly forgotten how Lin Yu forced Fang Xi away?”

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