After the Fake Young Lady Stole Everything from Me, I Became the World’s Sweetheart - C.386 - : Three-Hundred and Eighty- Six: Anxious


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Lin Yu tried to find out about Shi Nian and Xiang Yang’s condition from the Shi family’s private nurse but failed again. The entire Shi family guarded them up like a fortress, but the more they did that, the more unusual it was.

Lin Yu urgently wanted to get the information to give to the big boss as a token of her loyalty. She was like a cat on hot bricks, thinking, ‘I have to leave myself a way out.’

‘Han Yuan’s a ticking time bomb. If that woman suddenly recovers, she would definitely kill me.’ It wasn’t that Lin Yu didn’t want to tamper with Han Yuan’s meds, but this was a hospital, and Han Yuan was a VIP patient. The hospital staff monitored all her vital signs closely every day and frequently did all kinds of tests and examinations. Lin Yu really didn’t have the chance to tamper with Han Yuan’s meds, so she could only constantly torture her mentally, but that, in return, was also a form of torture for Lin Yu.

Lin Yu pushed Han Yuan’s ward door open and saw the young nurse come over with a happy expression. “Madam just asked me for some water. She spoke very clearly.”

Lin Yu paled and quickly looked at Han Yuan on the hospital bed. The nurse didn’t notice her reaction and continued, “It’s all thanks to you that Madam can make such good progress in her recovery. Everyone in the hospital says Madam is blessed to have a daughter-in-law who’s better than her biological daughter.”

Lin Yu collected herself and smilingly replied, “I’m the one who should thank you guys. You all did a great job.” As soon as the nurse left, Lin Yu closed the door and stalked to Han Yuan’s patient room with a dark expression.

Han Yuan only glanced at her indifferently before slowly closing her eyes; her expression was extremely haughty, looking like she thought nothing of Lin Yu at all. Lin Yu couldn’t help but be furious. “You did that on purpose, didn’t you?

You want me to be afraid, don’t you?”

Han Yuan adjusted to a comfortable position and snuggled into her pillow before she closed her eyes and ignored Lin Yu’s words. Lin Yu couldn’t take it anymore and slapped Han Yuan hard.

Han Yuan glared daggers at Lin Yu, and Lin Yu slapped her again. “You still refuse to learn your lesson and won’t accept reality?” Lin Yu spitefully said as she met Han Yuan’s infuriated glare. “You still want to kill me? Well, I won’t give you the chance! I’ll let you live if you behave yourself; otherwise, just wait for your death! Wait and watch as I kill your entire family!”

Han Yuan glowered death at Lin Yu but didn’t hiss and roar like before. She just gazed viciously at Lin Yu as if she wanted nothing more than to burn a hole in her face.

Lin Yu’s blood sang. She reached out and grasped Han Yuan’s neck, squeezing as she snarled hatefully, “Die, b*tch! Go to hell!”

Someone suddenly pushed the door open, and Xi Cheng strode in. “Lin Yu!

What’s wrong with Mom?” Lin Yu paled and hurriedly retracted her hands.

A large volume of air rushed into Han Yuan’s windpipe, and she started to cough violently. ‘Mom! Mom, are you okay?” Xi Cheng flusteredly helped Han Yuan sit up and let her lean against him, stroking her back to calm her breathing.

Lin Yu’s blood chilled. Her mind was blank as she looked at Xi Cheng and his mother, and she trembled involuntarily.

“Hurry up and go call the doctor!” Xi Cheng roared. Frightened, Lin Yu’s entire body shook, and she turned around and ran out. Not long after, the doctors and nurses swarmed over.

Han Yuan was fine; all her vital signs had returned to normal after a short period of small fluctuations. Under the doctors’ and nurses’ meticulous care, she lay peacefully on her pillow once more. Xi Cheng considerately raised the head of the bed before sitting on the chair by the bedside, holding Han Yuan’s hand with an expression full of heartache.

Lin Yu had stood outside of the crowd the whole time and, though the medical staff had now all left, still stood far away, her appearance numb and dazed as her mind raced.

Han Yuan was honestly tired after the bout of trouble she went through, and feeling a sense of security with her son holding her hand, she contentedly fell asleep. After a while, her breathing became stable and even. novelbuddy(.)com

Xi Cheng gently released his mother’s hand, and seeing that she didn’t react, he got up quietly. When he turned around and saw the pale-faced Lin Yu, he opened his arms and embraced her.

“That must have scared you badly. There, there. It’s alright,” Xi Cheng whispered into Lin Yu’s ear.

Lin Yu stiffened. Her ears buzzed, and her heart felt like it had stopped beating. A sudden chill surged up her spine, and her stomach turned. She broke free from Xi Cheng’s embrace and ran straight to the bathroom. She held onto the sink and started to retch.

Xi Cheng followed behind Lin Yu and panickedly asked, “Lin Yu, what’s wrong? Are you sick?”

Lin Yu turned on the tap as she held onto the sink. She scooped a handful of water to wash her face as she reined in the intense glee in her heart..

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