A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu - C.1351 - You’re not a good person to talk to

A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

C.1351 - You’re not a good person to talk to

Chapter 1351 You’re not a good person to talk to.


The people are all here, and everything, too, is ready.

Just waiting for Mu Sijue and Xu Yuning to come over.

Xiao Yun Yun was undoubtedly the most excited, constantly looking toward the door while saying, “I’m especially curious about what Boss Mu will look like after he gets married!”

Luo Xiao Xi laughed, if there was a point in her tone, “Yun Yun, you are also someone who has received a marriage license. Shouldn’t you know very well what a person becomes after getting married?”


Xiao Yun Yun touched her nose, escaping Luo Xiao Xi’s line of sight without speaking.

If Luo Xiao Xi didn’t say anything, she would forget that she was already married in a minute.

The reason is simple.

Her life hasn’t changed much since she got married, compared to before, but it’s just one more person to be around.

The one who has changed more, on the contrary, is Shen Yuechuan.

Of course, this change is only “in some respects”.

Not long after, Mu Sijun and Xu Yuning appeared and rescued Xiao Yun Yun in time.

Mu Siju sat in the wheelchair, obviously a little awkward, Xu Yuning pushed him, her smile was faint, but she couldn’t hide the happiness in the bottom of her eyes.

“Boss Mu ……” Xiao Yun Yun sized up Mu Sijiu and flirted, “You’re sitting in a wheelchair, I feel like this wheelchair has become handsome!”


This time, Luo Xiao Xi was really laughing.

So, if you want to talk about sweet mouth, you have to count Xiao Yun Yun.

A man like Mu Sijun, who holds authority and is accustomed to calling the shots in his own turf while killing and destroying, is surely repulsed by the idea of putting him in a wheelchair.

With one sentence, Xiao Yun Yun not only affirmed Mu Si Jue, but also complimented the wheelchair he was sitting in.

Days are never boring when you spend your life with such a girl.

Luo Xiao Xi looked at Shen Yue Chuan with a smiling face, “Yue Chuan, after marrying Yun Yun, your little life is very sweet, isn’t it?”

“…… “Shen Yuechuan was noncommittal and wisely changed the topic, “Today’s protagonists are Mu Qi and Yuning.”

Su Jianan followed Shen Yuechuan’s words and brought the topic to the right track, “Alright, sit down.”

Different from the elegant flavor of the Western restaurant, this restaurant is decorated with oriental flavor, with a full range of North and South cuisine and authentic taste, which is very popular with the older generation in the hospital, and is almost always full at mealtimes.

But today, there were surprisingly no other customers in the restaurant.

It was Su Jianan’s idea to pack the entire restaurant.

Only then could they celebrate quietly and wholeheartedly for Mu Siju and Xu Yuning.

As the group took their seats, a middle-aged uncle in chef’s overalls came out and asked, “Mrs. Lu, shall we start preparing dinner for you now?”

“Well, it’s ready to start.” Su Jianan nodded, “Hard work.”

“You’re welcome, as it should be.”

The chef smiled and turned back to the kitchen.

Luo Xiao Xi came back to her senses from the accident and looked at Su Jian An incredulously, “Jian An, isn’t that one just now that very famous private chef? How did you hire him?”

Most of what Luo Xiaoxi knew about this chef came from other people’s mouths.

It is said that this chef does not work in any restaurant or hotel, but accepts private bookings and he is happy to come to the house and cook a meal for someone in person.

He’s the highest-priced private chef in A City, and usually requires a reservation half a month in advance.

It had to be amazing that Su Jianan could make an impromptu appointment with him.

“I just came up with the idea, the specific things, it was Daisy who went to do it.” Su Jianan spread her hands, “So the magic is Bo Yan’s secretary.”

“So that’s how it is ……,” Luo Xiao Xi nodded in understanding and began to look forward to today’s dinner.

Shen Yuechuan gently “coughed” and reminded: “We still have an important person?”

This time, it was Xu Yuning’s turn to be surprised it was clear that everyone was all together.

She looked at Su Jianan, her face full of confusion, “Jianan, who else is there?”

Su Jianan smiled mysteriously, “I’ll go invite her in, and you’ll see.”

Su Jianan got up and went out, Aunt Zhou just arrived at the hospital, she helped Aunt Zhou and slowly approached the restaurant.

After Mu Sijun’s suburban villa was blown up, Aunt Zhou has been living in a set of apartments in the city center, in order to be safe, she usually seldom goes out, and Mu Sijun didn’t let her come to the hospital to take care of Xu Yuning, the old lady has even less reason to go out, and only occasionally talk to Xu Yuning on the phone.

Today, Su Jianan suddenly contacted her and said that Mu Siju and Xu Yuning got married.

Aunt Zhou was surprised but more than happy.

It felt as if her son or daughter, whom she had been attached to for many years, had finally found a lifelong home, and she could finally rest completely at ease.

So, when Su Jianan asked her if she was willing to come to the hospital, she agreed almost without hesitation.

Xu Yuning didn’t expect that Su Jianan actually helped her think of Auntie Zhou, and even brought Auntie Zhou over.

She greeted her and helped Auntie Zhou sit down, explaining, “Auntie Zhou, we had planned to talk to you later.”

“I already know. Sit down.” Aunt Zhou patted Xu Yuning’s hand and turned to look at Mu Sijun, “How is your wound?”

“It’s not in the way.” Mu Sijiu habitually downplayed, “It will soon be recovered.”

“I don’t believe it.” Aunt Zhou shook her head and said with a smile, “When you went to play as a child and came back with a fractured right hand, you told me the same thing, and as a result, it took more than a month before you barely got better.” Saying this, the old man smiled in relief, “In the blink of an eye, you’re all married.”

Everyone didn’t say anything and just looked at Auntie Zhou.

Aunt Zhou’s smile became more and more pronounced as she continued, “I thought that I might not be able to wait for this day, but I didn’t think that I would still be allowed to wait. It’s so good.”

Luo Xiao Xi was the closest to Aunt Zhou and smiled as she stroked the old man’s back and said, “Aunt Zhou, Shijue and Yuning are more than just married, they’re going to give birth to a little one for you soon, and you’ll be able to become a grandma in a short while!”

Aunt Zhou really smiled even more happily, cheerfully took out a square jewelry box from her bag, opened it, and handed it to Xu Yuning.

Inside the box was an emerald necklace, it could be seen that there was some age, but also because of this, the emerald on the necklace became more and more brilliant and dazzling, radiating the warmth of time precipitated.

Xu Yuning didn’t have any research on jewelry, but he could still tell at a glance that the necklace was worth a lot of money.

She didn’t dare to take it and excused herself, “Aunt Zhou, this is too expensive, I can’t let you break the bank like this.”

“Silly child, this is not the wedding gift that Aunt Zhou is going to give you.” Aunt Zhou closed the lid of the box and handed the box to Xu Yuning, “This is the dowry jewelry of Siju’s grandmother, which was later given to Siju’s mother, and before the old lady left, she handed it over to me and asked me to give it to her future daughter-in-law for her.”

“……” Xu Yuning looked at Mu Sijiu with uncertainty.

Mu Sijiu nodded, signaling Xu Yuning to rest assured, “Take it.” At the corner of his lips, there was a smirk if anything.

Xu Yuning couldn’t help but wonder, “What are you laughing at?”

Mu Sijun didn’t say anything, but instead Auntie Zhou spoke up-

“I’ll tell you what he laughed at–” Aunt Chou smiled faintly, too; “when her mother gave me the necklace, and Szeto was with her, his mother said something–”

The crowd expressed curiosity, “What did Auntie say?”

Aunt Zhou smiled even more happily and continued, “Xiao Qi’s mother said that their boy has a face that wreaks havoc on the world, but a personality that doesn’t appeal to girls, so hopefully this necklace won’t be lost.”

Xiao Yun Yun’s reaction was the most nonchalant, and she let out a “pfft” laugh.

Luo Xiao Xi also pursed her lips and smiled, “Auntie doesn’t have to worry now, the necklace has a successor!”

Xu Yuning looked at Mu Sijun and said, “Your mom really knows you well.”

Mu Sijun paused and looked serious, “That’s not the point right now, it’s for you to accept the necklace and put my mom’s mind at ease.”

Xu Yuning carefully took the jewelry box, “Thank you, Auntie Zhou.”

The first course was served just in time, a fish soup simmered to a tantalizing aroma.

Freshly caught fish, delivered alive to the restaurant, the chef handles it as fast as he can and puts it in the pot, without too many spices, just by keeping the freshness of the fish itself intact, the flavor of this soup is intoxicating enough.

A few people slowly drank the fish soup and chatted while the other dishes were then served.

After dinner, it was already late, Lu Bo Yan several people did not linger, they all planned to go back.

Mu Sijiu was uneasy about Aunt Zhou and instructed Lu Buyan, “Help me send Aunt Zhou back.”

Lu Boyan signaled Mu Sijun to rest assured, “I will arrange it.”

Very quickly, the others set off on their respective return journeys, leaving only Mu Siju and Xu Yuning at the entrance of the restaurant.

Musashi got up, pushed the wheelchair away, and said, “I’ll walk back.”

Xu Yuning didn’t need to guess to know that Mu Sijun’s patience with the wheelchair had reached its peak.

She was in a good mood and nodded, “Okay, promise for once.”

She took Mousse’s hand and walked slowly with him towards the hospitalization building.

It was getting dark, but there were still quite a few people in the garden.

In the summer in A city, there is a big temperature difference between daytime and nighttime, and while the oven mode is turned on during the day, it miraculously becomes shady and cool at night, and many patients and their families choose to take a breath of fresh air in the garden in the evening.

Without going far, Xu Yuning found a couple with white hair, sitting on a bench in the garden, with their fingers clasped together, talking and laughing, even the wrinkles between their eyebrows were permeated with the happiness that had been precipitated by time.

For the first time, Xu Yuning felt envious and couldn’t help but look twice more.

Mu Sijun noticed Xu Yuning’s gaze and glanced at her, asking in a tone that wasn’t quite natural, “You think this is good?”

“It’s great!” Xu Yuning said with certainty, “They’ve been talking all their lives, and at this age, they can still talk so happily, they must be very happy.”

Mu Sijun raised his eyebrows, his tone surprisingly sounding a bit unconvinced, “As long as you’re willing, I can accompany you to chat for the rest of your life.”

“……” Xu Yuning couldn’t help but spit out, “You’re not a good person to chat with!”

Muse: “……”

In reality, Xu Yuning wasn’t trying to reject Mu Sijue, but because, this matter, it wasn’t something she was willing to do.

It’s also necessary for her condition to agree.

However, it was such a cozy and beautiful moment that she decided not to bring up the upsetting topics.