A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu - C.1344 - A Very Important Thing


Chapter 1344 A Very Important Thing

Early this morning, Gao Han and Su Yunjin took the same flight from Australia to A City.

Su Yunjin didn’t recognize Gao Han, but Gao Han had remembered Su Yunjin when he investigated Xiao Yun Yun.

Meeting by chance on the airplane, Gao Han deserved to say hello to Su Yunjin.

When Gao Han came in front of her, Su Yunjin was surprised but more alert.

Some time ago, when Gao Han found Xiao Yun Yun, Xiao Yun Yun was more or less panicked and called and Su Yun Jin to make things clear.

On the one hand, Su Yunjin was happy that Xiao Yunyun had found her real family, but on the other hand, she was worried that those so-called people who were related to Xiao Yunyun were not decent people?

In front of him, this Gao Han was dressed in a suit and had an elite demeanor, and he looked like a child who had grown up in a privileged environment and good tutelage.

Families that can raise kids like that are more than likely okay.

So it seemed that her fears were unwarranted.

“Hello.” Su Yunjin was polite, “Yun Yun mentioned you to me.”

Gao Han asked unexpectedly, “Auntie Su, are you planning to settle back in A City this time?”

Su Yunjin glanced at Gao Han and said after a moment, “You have investigated me clearly enough.” She didn’t shy away from it and confessed, “That’s right, I’ve finished handling things in Australia and plan to settle back in A City, Yun Yun will also settle in A City in the future.”

That last half of her sentence was a warning to the Gao family to stop hitting on Yun Yun.

“Auntie, don’t worry, we respect Yun Yun’s wishes.” Gao Han still decided to clarify in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, “I’m not going to find Yun Yun this time when I go to A City, I have official business.”

“…… I am also not afraid of you going to Yun Yun.” Su Yunjin said, “On the contrary, if Yun Yun is willing to see you and willing to recognize you as a ‘relative’, I’m happy to do so. After all, you have a blood relationship. However, if Yun Yun is unwilling, I hope you won’t force her.”

Xiao Yun Yun has grown up and gotten married, and there are many things about her that Su Yun Jin can let go of.

The next long road of life, have Shen Yuechuan for Xiao Yun Yun escort, Xiao Yun Yun can make decisions at will, boldly take every step.

Whether or not to interact with the Gao family should of course be left to Xiao Yun Yun’s own decision.

“With such an enlightened mom, Yun Yun must be very happy.” Gao Han smiled and paused for a moment before slowly saying, “Auntie Su, thank you very much indeed.”

Su Yunjin shook her head, “Yun Yun is like my own daughter, it’s only right that I take care of her.”

In the evening, the airplane arrived at A City International Airport, and Gao Han and Su Yunjin got off the plane together.

Gao Han offers to give Su Yunjin a ride, but Su Yunjin politely declines, saying that Su Yicheng sent a driver over.

Since this was the case, Gao Han did not insist and drove to the private hospital after seeing Su Yunjin leave.

When Gao Han met Mu Siju, Mu Siju had been banned from using crutches by Xu Yuning and was forced to sit in a wheelchair.

The explosion of the villa on the outskirts of Mu Si Jiu was downplayed by the domestic media, and most people don’t know the truth.

However, Gao Han didn’t need to guess to know that things weren’t that simple, he just didn’t expect that Mu Sijun was actually injured.

Gao Han looked at Mu Sijun with some surprise, “Are you seriously injured?”

“Okay.” Not intending to tell the truth, Musashi asked, “What’s the matter with me?”

“Of course it’s about Conrad City, wanted to talk to you about it, tomorrow ……”

Before Gao Han could finish his sentence, Mu Sijun interrupted him without question:

“I can’t tomorrow, I’ve got things to do.”

Gao Han expressed his skepticism, “You’re hurt like this, what else can you do tomorrow?”

The coldness in the bottom of Mu Sijun’s eyes quietly faded, and the curvature of his lips softened by a few points, “Something very important.”

Gao Han more or less guessed a few points, “Related to Xu Yuning?”

Mu Sijun glanced at Gao Han and asked without answering, “Interpol still cares about the private affairs of its partners?”

Gao Han could be sure, the matter must be related to Xu Yuning!

Then, surely, nothing could shake Mousseguy either.

Gao Han simply made a compromise, “In that case, we’ll talk about it later, I’ll leave first.”

Before he left, he didn’t forget to greet Xu Yuning.

Xu Yuning politely sent Gao Han out, and at the end, this would be the room, only to find that Mu Sijun had already come out of the study.

Curious, she came over and looked at Mu Sijun, “Why did Gao Han suddenly come?”

“Interpol wants to arrest Kang Ruicheng, Gao Han is the person in charge of this operation and came to talk to me about cooperation.” Mu Sijiu did not tell Xu Yuning that the cooperation between him and Gao Han had actually been reached a long time ago.

“Oh ……” finished, Xu Yuning suddenly thought of something, his voice violently pulled up a tone, “No, you can’t talk about cooperation now!”

Xu Yuning had never been afraid of Mu Sijun, and in front of him, she had always been lawless.

However, she almost never dared to use this commanding tone of voice to speak to Mu Sijiu.

Mu Sijiu met Xu Yuning’s line of sight with good grace, “What?”

“Your injuries are not yet healed, what’s the point of cooperating!?” Xu Yuning was unprecedentedly strong, “Your priority now is to get well, nothing else is allowed!”

In this world, there was no second person who dared to order Mu Si Jiu like this.

Unexpectedly, Xu Yuning’s order, Mu Sijun accepted it as it was.

Mu Sijiu looked at Xu Yuning and slowly said, “That’s why I didn’t talk to Gao Han.”

Xu Yuning froze for a moment before responding, “You didn’t talk?”

She had been thinking of blocking Mousseguy, but now it meant that she was purely superfluous?

Mu Sijiu faintly emphasized, “I have something very important to do tomorrow, I don’t have time to pay attention to him.”

Xu Yuning has already forgotten that Mu Siju said he would take her to a place tomorrow, and naturally her attention was not on the point that “Mu Siju has something very important to do tomorrow”, and she sighed in relief: “Then I’m relieved. …… ”

All she wanted was that Mousse could get some rest.

Mu Sijiu looked at Xu Yuning’s clueless appearance and suddenly looked forward to tomorrow.

Xu Yuning was the opposite she wished that time could pass a little slower.

Gao Han had come to A City this meant that the game between Lu Boyan and Kang Ruicheng would enter another situation, and Mu Sijun would have endless things to deal with again, whether his injury was well or not.

Xu Yuning had heard Xiao Yun Yun say that the feud between Lu Bo Yan and Mu Si Jue was currently a hot topic on the internet.

She brought a tablet and opened a website, and sure enough, she saw Lu Bo Yan and Mu Si Jue’s names on the topic list.

After the exposure of Lu Bo Yan’s life, Lu lawyer’s car accident and caused netizens to discuss, coupled with the police announced to the public that Lu lawyer’s case does have a lot of questions, that is to re-investigate, the voice of the discussion is even more unceasing.

However, until today, things have been in a state of stalemate, with little progress.

Nonetheless, the netizens’ support for Lu Bo Yan far exceeded Kang Ruicheng.

Kang Ruicheng’s little favorability rating, which is pitifully low, was probably brushed by Dongzi buying a water army.

Xu Yuning had to sigh, this was really an era where face value was justice.

Of course, the fundamental reason behind this is that justice is really on Lu Bo Yan’s side, and “face value” is just an excuse used by netizens to make jokes.

Xu Yuning closed the webpage and inadvertently saw the game icon on the desktop.

She thought for a moment, into | into the game, open the friends list, Mu Mu’s avatar is really dark, underneath a line of small words prompted, Mu Mu last logged in has been seven days ago.

Mu is unlikely to log on to the game again, and it s unlikely that there will be any more contact between …… her and Mu.

Mu Sijiu walked over and found Xu Yuning gawking at a game icon, suggesting, “You can delete this game and get it over with.”

Xu Yuning decisively hugged the tablet and said, “I’m not deleting it!”

Mu Sijiu faintly reminded, “Even if you don’t delete it, Mu Mu won’t log into the game again.”

“Then …… at least he once logged into the game ah!” Xu Yuning was very stubborn and expressed her dislike for Mu Sijue, “It’s a thought, you don’t understand!”


Is it the same as after Xu Yuning left, just because she lived in the old house for a period of time, Mu Sijun resolutely moved back to live? Is it the same as Mu Sijun every time he came to A city, only because Xu Youning lived in the villa, so he every time to live in the villa?

If it’s–

Mu Sijun looked deeply at Xu Yuning, “I understand.”


Xu Yuning was suddenly speechless, staring blankly at Mu Sijiu.

She probably knew why Mousse said he understood.

What should she say?

Just as Xu Yuning froze, Su Jianan called a phone, and she picked it up decisively, “Jianan, what’s wrong?”

Su Jianan’s soft voice slowly came over, “My aunt has returned to A city, and is having a gathering at my house, do you and Sijun want to come over and have dinner with us?”

Xu Yuning didn’t need to guess to know that Mu Sijun was definitely not willing to go, and politely refused, “Next time, I guess Ji Qing won’t let Sijun leave the hospital.”

It was true that there were a lot of inconveniences in leaving the hospital when Mu Sijun was injured.

Su Jianan also did not force, and Xu Yuning and Xu Youning chatted a few sentences, was about to hang up the phone, Xu Yuning said, “Sijue said something to find Bo Yan, you give your cell phone to Bo Yan for a moment.”

On this side of the hospital, Xu Yuning handed her cell phone to Mu Sijun and looked at him curiously, “What are you going to say to Bo Yan?”

Mu Sijun imprinted a kiss on Xu Yuning’s forehead, not moving to divert her attention, “Your test results should be out, go get them from Ji Qing.”

Xu Yuning then remembered this.

Yeah, she had the test this morning, and by this time, the results should be out anyhow!

Xu Yuning just obediently bit on Mu Sijue’s hook and turned to run out.

Mu Siju used his own cell phone to send a message to Song Jiqing, instructing Song Jiqing not to tell Xu Yuning the results of the examination before asking Lu Boyan, “Still there?”

“I’m listening.” Lu Bo Yan asked with interest, “What are you going to tell me that you have to go to such great lengths to support Xu Yuning?”

Musashi paused for a moment before saying, “A something very important.”

I wonder what everyone does to relax on a regular basis?

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