A Professor of Magic at Hogwarts - C.7: Lesson Preparation

A Professor of Magic at Hogwarts

C.7: Lesson Preparation

After reviewing the materials, Felix Harp bid his farewell.

On his way back, he made a detour to Diagon Alley, where he procured two sets of ancient magical text books, spanning from third year to seventh year, from Flourish and Blotts. One set was brand new, while the other, a carefully chosen "treasure," was extracted from a stack of old books, a task that took him quite some time.

These old textbook editions were contributed by four academic wizards. Though their handwriting varied, their notes shared detailed consistency. Felix believed he could draw some inspiration from them, considering it as a form of research.

The next day, he embarked on the thrilling phase of lesson preparation. He first perused the textbooks and surprisingly found them quite straightforward!

Professor Babbling certainly lived up to her reputation as an expert in ancient magical texts. The selected materials possessed distinct characteristics: they aligned with the current mainstream perspective, yet also integrated a considerable proportion of practical magical writing.

The prevailing viewpoint was this: ancient magical texts were a form of ancient script used by wizards of old to record magic. It was the responsibility of modern researchers to translate those remnants of magical manuscripts.

However, this was just a partial truth. In reality, though all labeled as "ancient magical texts," their history extended far back—into distant ages when they were intricate mystical patterns used to harness wizarding magic. These patterns were extensively employed in ancient magic and alchemical creations.

And it was these magically imbued ancient magical texts that Felix sought, the power he pursued, and the field of study he was dedicated to.

He subsequently perused notes from several academic wizards. The sections pertaining to challenging points, comprehension strategies, and solutions proved to be highly enlightening. They helped him understand how young wizards perceived the subject.

Indeed, he admired the academic wizards, as like attracts like.

With these notes from academic wizards and the curriculum he acquired from Professor McGonagall, Felix had a very clear understanding of the teaching content he needed to cover.

Next came the consideration of teaching methods.

Even though he had obtained the coveted teaching position, Hogwarts' millennia-old library had once again opened its doors to him, and yet he was a legendary graduate returning to his alma mater. He couldn't risk being criticized for inadequate teaching, could he?

He couldn't afford that! After all, he was from Slytherin House—image was important!

"How can I make it captivating enough?" Felix pondered repeatedly. His first thought was a "sea of questions" strategy.

At this moment, he wasn't alone in this battle! The psychological shadows that countless examinees could never shake off were now attached to him.

A sinister chuckle echoed within the small room.

But back to the topic at hand. Felix took out a piece of parchment and wrote down the words "Sea of Questions" on it. He then branched out into two paths: one listed the advantages, such as "quick consolidation of acquired knowledge," and the other represented the drawbacks, noting "risk of triggering resistance."

Of course, Felix aimed for excellence, but he also understood the level of those unpredictable young wizards. If he didn't want to outshine Professor Binns as the "least popular professor," he had to tread carefully.

"The key lies in being both engaging and substantial. But engaging and the sea of questions are opposite strategies..." Felix mumbled, "Perhaps I can start with using ancient magical texts to write journals and short essays."

Time flowed swiftly as he contemplated...

"End-of-term assessments are crucial too; incorporating a practical segment might be worth considering."

Ancient magical texts were inherently dry, yet they delved into the mysteries of magic and were essential knowledge, linking ancient magic and ancient alchemy.

The former represented immense power, while the latter symbolized the once glorious creations of magic.

"Ancient magic might not be easy to grasp, I can't even fully grasp it now. But using the acquired knowledge to complete or at least repair an alchemical artifact seems like a feasible approach..." Felix plunged into a kind of "brainstorming" mode, ideas and inspirations exploding forth. His quill danced swiftly on the table, leaving a trail of fleeting strokes.

By evening, Felix had completed the preliminary design of the course.

"Not bad at all." He gazed contentedly at his creation: three sheets of parchment densely covered with text and flowcharts.

The remaining question was what alchemical artifact he should use as a teaching medium.

This wasn't an easy task, as Felix Harp had no intention of preparing five alchemical artifacts spanning third to seventh year levels. It was too cumbersome, consuming his precious study time.

He planned to select an appropriate alchemical item and categorize them into varying difficulty levels.

For instance, first-year students would only need to complete tasks like 【Connecting】, 【Conveying】, 【Balancing】, and 【Coordinating】, akin to the tasks of connecting wires and toggling switches in a physics experiment.

As for seventh-years, while he wasn't asking for rocket-building, putting together a weight-bearing cart couldn't be too much trouble, right?

"What should I use as the medium? It shouldn't be too simple, or I won't differentiate between the levels. But it also can't be overly complex, or I'll tire myself out."

Hogwarts' young wizards numbered in the hundreds, if not thousands. Even if only a third of them opted for Ancient Runes, for him, aspiring for "educational innovation," the workload was still considerable.

Felix found himself in a quandary. He aimed to strike a balance between "efficiency" and "quality."

For three consecutive days, Felix rummaged through his collection, yet he couldn't pinpoint an appropriate entry point.

"There are so few ancient magical texts available, and those focused on practical use are even rarer!" Felix lamented. This made him yearn even more for Hogwarts' library.

It was his One Piece, so to speak!

Felix had heard various peculiar legends during his school years, like how each of Hogwarts' four founders had left behind mysterious treasures. However, in his perspective, mastering all the magical knowledge within the library wouldn't put him below any of the four giants in terms of achievement.

The greatest treasure trove was right in front of him, yet most people were blind to it!

He himself had missed it too, only realizing it belatedly. Why else would he have spent these years planning his return to Hogwarts? Wasn't it all because he yearned for his white moonlight?

After coming up empty-handed, Felix left his room and prepared to go out to clear his mind.

"Mr. Harp, haven't seen you in a few days!" he encountered an elegant lady.

"Linda, I've been busy preparing for my new job."

"You found a job?"


After a brief conversation, the lady left with a hint of reluctance.

It's worth mentioning that Felix's refined personality and handsome appearance made him popular among the neighbors.

London's West End streets.

Felix wandered aimlessly, contrasting with the hurried pedestrians. He seemed exceptionally leisurely, as if he belonged to a different world.

And it wasn't entirely inaccurate to say so.

Midway, Felix passed by a dental clinic. Gazing at the clean and neat storefront, he paused briefly, a thought that had been lingering in his mind reemerged.

No hurry, I'll come back in a few days.

He continued walking, eventually stopping at a youth activity center. Listening to familiar phrases like "Yofaku Kinda" and "Gogsinei," Felix found himself walking in, almost as if controlled by some unseen force.

The interior was dimly lit, with slightly older children frantically tapping buttons, tirelessly jerking the joysticks, and uttering strange terms like "huhuhaha."

Fighting games, huh?

Felix felt a trace of his childhood returning, not from this lifetime but from the previous one. Familiar characters on the screen brought a sense of familiarity, especially the girls in scanty outfits.

"Fire Guy's moves are so cool!!"

"Ice Girl's ultimate skill is AoE; you don't get it!"

Felix chuckled softly. True, gaming enthusiasts worldwide had similar naming conventions: distinctive moves plus gender.

About to turn and leave, a spark of inspiration suddenly lit up. Wait a second, what was I just thinking about?


Action figures? Yes, action figures!

Felix's eyes brightened. He had finally found the suitable alchemical artifacts for the fifth-year class—sufficiently intricate yet not overly challenging. It wasn't exactly action figures, rather magical puppets, right?

After days of contemplation, he finally had closure.

Using characters from fighting games as templates and employing ancient runic circuits as the method, he could recreate some of the characters from the games!

This type of magical puppet (action figure), both wizarding world children and Muggle-born witches and wizards would find acceptable, without any psychological obstacles.

As for difficulty, it was also easy to adjust. For third and fourth years, he could engrave the core magical runes of the puppets and leave them to complete certain nodes and branch structures.

Older students would need to be hands-on, completing at least one functional module.

The more Felix thought about it, the more excited he became. He could even organize a puppet fighting competition!

After all, wizarding world kids were living quite a tough life, their entertainment options were quite limited. What was so great about Quidditch, anyway?

He just couldn't get into Quidditch; it definitely had nothing to do with his failing first-year Flying class!

A mental image surfaced in Felix's mind: two students facing off, one holding a magical puppet the size of a palm. They struck classic combat poses.

Prepare for an intense and thrilling magical showdown!

Felix got lost in his daydream, a faint smile involuntarily playing on his lips.

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