A Professor of Magic at Hogwarts - C.6: Recommendations


What kind of person is Harry Potter?

Professor McGonagall is undoubtedly one of the most qualified individuals to answer this question. To be fair, apart from a certain unnamed Potions professor, most of the staff members have a favorable impression of Harry.

Sincere, polite, and just; but on the other hand, he can be a bit impulsive, reckless even—though that's not entirely a bad thing, and it certainly suits his Gryffindor nature.

However, these are all personality evaluations. If we consider his academic achievements...

It can only be said, can't go into detail! Detailing it would reveal great potential! Much like some teachers in the previous life during parent-teacher meetings.

Finally, Professor McGonagall introduced Harry in this way: "Harry is a very friendly young wizard, and he's quite skilled in Quidditch."

Leaving Felix Harp scratching his head a bit, I asked what subjects he excelled in, and you tell me he's friendly? Is that the only thing worth praising?

But skilled in Quidditch... that seems to indicate a natural aptitude for sports!

Truth be told, Felix felt a bit envious. Not envious of standing out on the Quidditch pitch, but in his eyes, those with sporting talent were at least half-duelists.

What does dueling rely on? Spell power, casting skill, mindset, experience, reflexes.

One could say he fully possessed the first four traits, but as for the last one, reflexes, it can only be described as average, barely not lagging behind. But don't think Felix is weak, thanks to his "plot armor," his spell power far surpasses what he should naturally possess.

As early as the end of his fourth year, he could stand up to three fully grown wizards and break through their defenses through sheer force.

Not to mention his current state.

Comparing him to a certain unnamed Potions professor, Felix's magical theory might be slightly less advanced due to age, but his spell power unquestionably surpasses the latter by more than a margin.

And all of this, he achieved through day and night effort!

Practicing a primary offensive spell over ten thousand times, can you believe it? Take for example, one of his strongest attack spells, "Petrificus Totalus," a spell he first encountered in magic. He now rates it as a top-level sixth-year spell, struggling to break into seventh-year level.

No other reason, his magical foundation couldn't support him going further.

But what does a sixth-year spell mean? Just two years ago, with two sixth-year spells and a little trick, he took down seven American wizarding aces in an instant!

Unparalleled speed and devastating spell power, that's how Felix rates himself.

It's precisely because Felix, by the end of his fourth year, managed to master two sixth-year spells two levels above, that he has the confidence to face the outside world.

Felix sighed a bit, if only he had exceptional reflexes, perhaps he wouldn't need to rely on potion-enhanced finishing moves.

Fortunately, in the three years since graduation, he hasn't been idle. A new magic has already taken shape.

Here, Felix strongly thanks those black wizards who have made indispensable contributions to his magical career!

Thank you for showing by example.


Felix Harp sat on the other side, perusing the materials provided by Professor McGonagall. Every now and then, he copied some information and recorded statistical data — this had become his specialty after two years in the Muggle world.

It should be mentioned that during these two years, he worked at three different companies. Every time he left, the companies were reluctant to part with him, and it wasn't because he used Confundus Charms!

In the afternoon, Felix and Professor McGonagall enjoyed tea together. During this time, Felix raised a question.

"Teaching Assistant?" McGonagall looked a bit puzzled.

"It's like an aide, someone who assists the professor with various tasks, like organizing research materials, grading papers, supervising exams, auditing classes, and so on," Felix corrected. "Of course, there are some small perks as well."

McGonagall understood it a bit now. She rolled her eyes slightly, thinking, What aide? I can see right through your attempt to slack off!

Just as Severus Snape had said, "That lad Felix is a true Slytherin!" As soon as he got a teaching position, he began finding ways to shirk his responsibilities!

"I don't believe it's right for a professor to delegate their work to students," Professor McGonagall sternly stated, pursing her lips.

"Professor McGonagall, you've misunderstood me. I actually want to nurture exceptional students."

McGonagall gave him a look that said, "Don't try to fool me."

"It's true. According to my plan, in the first year, I don't intend to establish my own professor's club. After all, I need time to become familiar with teaching and the environment."

The so-called professor's club was when certain professors invited outstanding students from different houses in their classes to gather and research magic.

Commonly known as giving special attention.

For instance, Professor McGonagall's Transfiguration Club held occasional events to teach magic and techniques not covered in class or exams.

McGonagall nodded slightly. As Felix was new, she hadn't discussed this matter with him at all.

"Your idea is to discover talents in advance? Prepare for next year's club?" McGonagall inquired.


McGonagall considered it for a moment. She thought this could be done and would be beneficial for the students. Just the extra guidance would be like a treat for the high-achievers — as one of the few outstanding graduates with a dominant presence in the past few decades, Felix was undoubtedly qualified.

As for the underachievers? Who cared about what the underachievers thought? It had nothing to do with them at all!

There were no underachievers in the professor's club.

"So, what are your criteria?" Professor McGonagall asked. This opportunity wasn't common, and she was prepared to use her power to promote her own house's talents.

Felix pondered for a moment and proposed a few points. "Well... first is a proactive learner, someone who's eager to learn and hungry for knowledge. Secondly, good memory. Third... not too high of a year, after all, I'm the first assistant, and I want to spend some time cultivating them."

"Also, Ancient Runes grades aren't important; I have special teaching techniques." He added.

Felix thought a bit more and felt these requirements were sufficient.

In reality, he was looking for a handyman, someone to help him with various tasks. But even handyman had ranks, low-level underachieving handyman wouldn't be of much use, they wouldn't be more helpful than his own magic.

However, top-notch handyman were different. They were comfortable to use, and with a bit of training, they could develop into teaching assistants, magical research aides, even partners—truly a win-win situation.

McGonagall didn't even have her bite of cake anymore. She quickly scanned through the Lion House students' names in her mind. Wood wasn't suitable, he had Quidditch conflicts; Percy was good, but he was already in fifth year and had to prepare for OWLs...

The Weasley twins? She feared they'd be sent back within two days! But these two did have potential...

Suddenly, a name popped into her mind.

"You mean Hermione Granger?" Felix was somewhat surprised. Wasn't that the name of one of the members of the adventurous trio? She was in Harry Potter's year, so she was only second year this year?

"Exactly, she almost perfectly meets your requirements—loves knowledge, excellent memory, and she's not too advanced in her year," Professor McGonagall spoke kindly. She had a favorable impression of Miss Granger because there was a rumor going around that she had the nickname "Mini-McGonagall."

Seeing Felix hesitating, Professor McGonagall also mentioned the Weasley twins, but she also told him about their awful pranks.

"Let's have a talk when school starts." In the end, Felix couldn't make up his mind either.

Can you guess what's being referred to as the "finishing move" in the text? And what might the "little trick" be?

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