A Professor of Magic at Hogwarts - C.364: Disassembly


"Harry went to the infirmary?"

When Felix returned to Classroom Seven, there was still some time before noon. Many people hadn't left yet, and he inquired of the commentator who had styled his hair in strands, Lee Jordan.

As soon as he entered, he heard Lee Jordan's enthusiastic commentary, and the intense atmosphere of the scene was greatly related to him. However, perhaps due to the passage of time, his throat had become a bit hoarse.

"Yes, Professor Harp," Lee Jordan said, "He received the invitation card, but he didn't look too well. His friend, Granger, took him to the infirmary, along with Fred and George's brother, Ron."

As they spoke, a figure was thrown out of the black suspended gate, and Felix gently waved his wand to let her land steadily on the ground.

"Oh, thank you, Professor Harp," Angelina Johnson said gratefully.

Felix nodded and looked at the black gate, which was covered with large and small handprints. He saw a student deliberately crouching, pressing his dirty hands against the edge of the door. "This is a symbol of courage," Lee Jordan said, and Felix chuckled softly.

He raised his wand and pointed it to the left side of the black steps. A small mound of soil bulged on the ground, and the central soil slid towards the surroundings. The grass on the ground was turned upside down. Under everyone's gaze, a pinnacle-shaped stone monument emerged from the earth. The monument was about six to seven feet tall, and on its smooth stone surface, four names sparkled like stars, shining brightly. The crowd gathered around, pointing and discussing:

Cedric Diggory;

Roger Davies;

Collins Flint;

Harry Potter;

The young wizards stared at these four names, brimming with envy. If their own names could also appear there, it would be wonderful.

When Felix heard Angelina mention Cedric's secret, he waved his hand again, and above the stone monument appeared those four words: Courage, Wisdom, Tenacity, Calmness.

"You should realize that everyone can try multiple times," Felix calmly began, projecting his voice far away so that everyone could hear clearly. "Each failure will bring you a tremendous mental burden. It's best to rest for half an hour to an hour before attempting again, unless your personality has an extremely tough and dominant side."

The young wizards began to discuss among themselves, words like "Potter," "amazing," and "impressive" escaping their lips. Even Angelina's encouraging phrase, "I'll show you," was recalled. Draco Malfoy disdainfully mouthed, "Saint Potter!"

Felix smiled slightly

"As for the content of the challenges, I believe many of you have already guessed that it's about facing your fears. Of course, if your fear is something comical, like a pile of garbage or a stinky boot, then you'll be dealing with some interesting and peculiar creatures that I've specially prepared. Even Dumbledore himself couldn't help but admire them.

It's not just my effort; I drew special reference from Muggle movies and the monsters that contestants from previous tournaments had to face."

The young wizards participating in the selection glared at him angrily, their eyes practically shooting flames. This morning, they had been chased by monsters, entangled by snakes, stepped on by giants, and kicked like a ball by the transfigured "clunking" car...

Their experiences were so bizarre that they could be turned into a collection of macabre tales.

"I can tell that you're eager and want to continue challenging," Felix said with a playful smile. "So, the last point, the entire selection will continue until next Monday. By then, I will make another visit and confirm the final list."

"But don't even think about enchanting the monument to imprint your own name..."


Madam Pomfrey handed Harry a cup of potion in annoyance and supervised him as he drank it all. Harry endured the discomfort and finished the liquid that emitted a taste of low-quality vegetable juice, then wiped his mouth with force. Thank goodness, he wouldn't have to listen to Madam Pomfrey's nagging anymore.

Ron sat by Harry's feet, fiddling with the invitation card. He touched the delicate patterns on the golden card repeatedly, a look of envy on his face. "It's really beautiful."

"How did you do it, Harry? Any tricks?" he couldn't help but ask.

"My trick might not be useful for you guys. I doubt anyone would be aiming the Killing Curse at you..." Harry let out a big yawn. Madam Pomfrey's potions always worked quickly, and he forced himself to sound alert.

"You faced the Killing Curse?" Ron's body shook, and the card slipped from his hand. He quickly caught it between his legs.

Hermione covered her mouth and asked in astonishment, "That curse? The one Professor Moody demonstrated in class?"

"Yeah, it's that one. The green light coming at you from different angles, and every time I thought I was going to die." Harry lazily explained, "Only after I got out could I snap out of that state..."

"Strange! I tried a few times halfway through, telling myself it's all fake, but I forgot everything when I entered."

"We did too," Ron said, "Hermione and I. I tried twice, encountered over a dozen kinds of spiders, and each time they were different. Can you believe it?" He said incredulously, "There's this Bubotuber, you just poke it a bit, and pus starts oozing out of its belly. When my spell hit it"

He paused slightly, recalling a terrible memory, his face scrunching up.

"I faced various academic setbacksfailing exams, being called in for talks by professors, getting caught in non-magic incidents, or having magical accidents..." Hermione sighed, "Just like you, I completely forgot I was undergoing a trial in a strange place. It's as if we suddenly lost our wits, unable to remember why we appeared there."

"Perhaps that's the professor's intention."

"But if we don't remember and treat each trial as real every time, how could we pass?" Ron said.

Harry thoughtfully remarked, "We shouldn't only consider what happened inside the black gate. Didn't the professor emphasize potential and growth? Don't forget, we forget the trial while we're inside the black gate, but we remember everything once we're outside. I suddenly realized that the interval between the two trials is the key to overcoming our fears and gaining growth."

"So the trial is actually to test if you've reflected and grown?" Hermione astutely pointed out.

"Yes, weuhhyes." Harry's eyelids drooped, heavy with sleep.

He tapped his own head, "There's something else I need to tell you. The invitation card has a spell on it, probably done by Professor Harp. It's very, very interesting. I strongly recommend you, you... give it a try!"

Before Harry could finish speaking, he slumped onto his pillow and fell asleep. He was really tired today.

"What spell could it be?" Ron stared at the golden card, flipping it back and forth for a while before handing it to Hermione. "I haven't found anything."

Hermione took it and waved her wand, pointing and incanting, "Magic revealed! Secrets displayed!" After a while, she hesitated and said, "It should be a one-time spell. Only the first person to get the card will receive this reward."

Ron regretfully said, "I really want to wake Harry up and ask him about it."

After lunch, the two of them returned to Classroom Seven again, this time with a large bottle of potion they specially requested from Madam Pomfrey to soothe their nerves. Hermione had to beg for a while before Madam Pomfrey reluctantly gave it to her.

At this moment, Lee Jordan had disappeared. Commentating for the entire morning had strained his voice. According to Neville, he was planning to urgently order a box of ice mice from a magical owl to soothe his throat.

Hermione glanced at the additional black monument and let out a faint hum.

Close to dinner time in the afternoon, Harry returned. He enthusiastically reviewed the names on the monument from the beginning, and when he saw "Angelina Johnson," he genuinely felt happy for her. He also saw Cho's name, and he couldn't decide whether he felt sad or gladHe had already learned that Cho had agreed to be Cedric's girlfriend.

Before he could think too much, Angelina rushed over, hugged him warmly, and said, "Thank you, Harry." Then, she pulled him into the Gryffindor crowd.

"Oh, our champion Potter is here!" the twins teased. Fred pretended to bow dramatically, "Extremely honored, we're in need of some guidance."

"No, I'm not " Harry awkwardly waved his hand, "I'm not old enough."

The twins each took one of his shoulders, "We can provide you with an aging potion," one of them nodded toward Lee Jordan, "Lee found a way, but you need to buy at least an ounce. We're looking for someone to share..."

"Don't you have your winnings?" Ron asked.

"That's true, George. We've been a bit extravagant lately and forgot that we still have a debt to collect." Fred said.

"Reasonable, we've only just started this month, and we've already spent thirty Galleons," George said.

"Thirty Galleons!" Ron widened his eyes and exclaimed in irritation, "And yet you won't even buy your little brother a new dress robe!"

The twins exchanged a glance.

"We went through the same thing," Fred shrugged, "Plus, we converted most of the money into materials. We can lend you some feathers to stick onto the robe."


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