A Professor of Magic at Hogwarts - C.345: Various Reactions

A Professor of Magic at Hogwarts

C.345: Various Reactions

Felix waved to a few Ministry of Magic workers standing nearby. One of them, an excited young man, hurried over. "Greetings, Mr. Harp! It's unbelievable that you directly intervened in the chaos..." He seemed quite young, his face lit up with excitement, causing even his acne to shine.

Felix remained calm and said, "Aren't these matters under your jurisdiction?"

"Rest assured! Leave it to us." The wizard patted his chest and took out a whistle from his pocket. He blew it with a "tweet," but after blowing for a while, no one came. He sighed, "My colleagues must have been knocked out..."

Felix pointed in the direction he had come from. "I found some people and placed them in that direction."

"Mueller! Keen! Follow me!" the wizard shouted, then before leaving, he couldn't help but say, "It's an honor to fight alongside you, Mr. Harp."

"We'll go help with the firefighting," Mr. Weasley said. He called Bill and Charlie and after a moment's thought, Sirius greeted Felix and said, "I'll go find Harry and the others."

Felix nodded to him and then circled around the camp, rescuing some injured people. He also used Patronus messages to notify Lupin and Tonks. Soon, everyone gathered, including the mother and child.

"Thank you, thank you..." the young mother kept expressing her gratitude.

When they returned to the battlefield, it was already surrounded by hundreds of Ministry wizards who were systematically categorizing and removing the rioters.

Fudge wiped sweat from his forehead continuously, his face a mixture of fear and disgust. "Take them all away! Find out their nationalities and identities, report to their respective Ministry! And these, these..."

He hesitated as he looked at the fallen Death Eaters. It was difficult for him to make a decision. He had just looked at these people's faces, and the familiar faces made his stomach churn.

"Minister, those wearing hoods are the leaders of this riot. They also dragged the Roberts family out of their house. They were greatly frightened and are currently undergoing memory treatment..."

Fudge's lips trembled, his heart full of hesitation. Most of these hooded individuals were pure-bloods. If he were to judge them all as masterminds, they would be sentenced to Azkaban for at least three to five months. But then he could kiss their support goodbye.

"Click!" "Click!"

Sounds of camera shutters echoed, and clusters of purple smoke wafted through the air.

Rita Skeeter excitedly directed her assistants, "Here, here, and over there... I saw it! Quidditch World Cup fans causing trouble, mocking Muggles for fun..." Her mouth was almost crooked from smiling.

"Did you capture a photo of Mr. Harp in the crowd?" she asked eagerly.

"Only his back," her photographer replied.

"That's fine too. We can make a series of reports"

Fudge's fingers trembled. "When did they arrive? Get rid of them! No, wait..." He rolled his eyes and whispered to his secretary, "Confiscate their photos, don't destroy them. Keep them secretly."

Walsh Sidrick, the Ministry of Magic's advisor, nodded and walked toward Rita Skeeter. "Madam, the investigation is ongoing. The photos you've taken will be crucial evidence..."

Rita Skeeter's argumentative voice rose, but Walsh Sidrick said something to her. "...pure-bloods. Do you really want to anger them?"

Rita Skeeter blinked and thought for a moment. "Alright then, you owe me a favor." With her back to Walsh Sidrick, she waved to her photographer, secretly leaving a stack of film negatives behind and replacing the rest with new ones. She turned around, holding the film negatives in her hand, and waved them in front of Walsh Sidrick. He reached out to take them, but the film turned to ashes.

"Skeeter, you" Walsh Sidrick was infuriated.

Rita Skeeter slyly said, "I need them to owe me a favor, don't you think, Mr. Sidrick?"

Nearby, Harry and his friends met up with Ginny and the Weasley twins. They rushed over in a hurry, joining the crowd to look for Mr. Weasley, Bill, Charlie, and Sirius, who had been helping maintain order earlier.

However, Ministry officials had formed a barrier, separating the scene from view. People strained on their tiptoes, attempting to catch a glimpse of something.

Hermione asked in a hushed voice, "Did you see Professor Harp?"

"He should have left," Harry said. "I watched him leave, and he didn't appear injured."

"Amazing!" Ron exclaimed in admiration. "He took down a whole group of them single-handedly. Those wizards were like headless flies in front of him, or defenseless Billywigs without stingers. Absolutely no threat at all."

Hermione said gravely, "That's because the professor used not just one ancient magic. Did you see the golden shield? He blocked hundreds of spells with it. And then he kept using the Disillusionment Charm to evade. It's really dangerous..."

Harry added, "It's not about evading, it's about finding opportunities. It's a tactic. I tried to replicate it during the summer with Sirius while playing dueling games, but unfortunately"

Hermione disagreed, "That's very risky, Harry. The Disillusionment Charm is difficult to cast repeatedly, not to mention quickly."

"I know, but once you've learned it..." Harry didn't continue his thought. Instead, he looked meaningfully at the scene. Through the gaps between the Ministry workers, he could see over a hundred wizards lying askew on the ground.

Silence spoke volumes.

On the other side, members of the Inverse Incidents Unit arrived. They were identifying individuals who had failed the Disillusionment Charm and were left stranded in place, using the various "damaged limbs" they left behind.

Ron craned his neck, trying to see more clearly. "Arms, legs... What's that... all bloody!" He suddenly got a pat on the head from behind. It was Mr. Weasley, who had just rushed over. Behind him were Bill and Charlie, while Sirius stood on the other side, smiling at Harry.

"Don't stare around, you might have nightmares," Mr. Weasley warned. They were all dirty, with traces of burns.

"I was just curious. Imagine if they left behind" Ron began but then stopped abruptly, as if something had caught his attention. He looked at Charlie, his mouth slowly widening. He pointed at Charlie. "Eye... eyesthey're still moving!"

"What?" Charlie looked at him, bewildered. Mr. Weasley shot Charlie a glance, then quickly pulled him aside.

Above Charlie's head was a brown eyeball, frantically rolling around. The area around it cleared out with a rustling sound. Harry's heart pounded. Mr. Weasley shouted, "Arnold! There's another one over here! The Disillusionment Charm split!"

A robust wizard ran over, took a look, and grinned, gesturing to his eye, "Still got some veins attached... if we don't handle it..." He mimicked the motion of spraying something, indicating a "burst."

Mr. Weasley furrowed his brow. "There are children here."

"Oh, sorrytwo people over here!" the wizard called Arnold shouted. Soon, two others joined him. They circled the eyeball, using their wands to gesture and discuss. "I'll go," Arnold said. Amidst the shocked gazes of the crowd, he grabbed the eyeball and squeezed and squeezed, as if he was about to burst it.


He and the eyeball vanished together.

"Wait, he'll be back in a moment," the adjacent wizard said casually. Then, with a heavy yawn, he said, "Another overtime shift today."

Ron gulped down a mouthful of saliva fiercely, his stomach churning. It felt as if he'd swallowed something slippery and unpleasant, making him retch involuntarily. Harry and Hermione wore similarly uneasy expressions.

The twins felt a sense of regret. Ron had been showing off his Disillusionment Charm before them, but they had planned to learn it early.

On the other side, a heavy-weight figure arrived.

Barty Crouch Jr. spoke with a cold face, "Excuse me, make way." He pushed through the crowd, like a rock pushing into the enclosed circle formed by the Ministry.

"Crouch?" Fudge's expression soured as soon as he saw him. He had initially wanted to inquire about Crouch's strange behavior, but with such a major incident unfolding, he had long cast those thoughts aside.

"I put you in charge of the Quidditch World Cup's security, and where did you go?"

"To track those masked individuals," Crouch said tersely.

Harry stared at the back of Barty Crouch Jr.'s head, wondering if his scar was still hurting, and if he could catch a glimpse of Voldemort's ugly face.

Sirius also looked at him with searching eyes. Godfather and godson stared for quite a while. Eventually, Harry shook his head at Sirius, indicating that there was no reaction this time.

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