A Professor of Magic at Hogwarts - C.302: Demonstration


Felix opened his eyes as if awakening from another world. He looked at the elderly man on the bed and took out a Sneakoscope from his pocket, placing it beside him.

The Sneakoscope started to spin, emitting a pleasant and clear musical sound.

"Is this... a Sneakoscope?" Nicolas asked in a soft voice. "For what purpose?"

They had discussed this question before. Felix knew that he had found the methods to make seven Sneakoscopes from ancient texts, and he had even turned them into magical creations, seeking Nicolas's advice.

"Just a prank, really. It can sense a person's body temperature and makes a sound when released."

The old man chuckled, "If you hadn't said, I might have puzzled over it for a while." He listened quietly for a while before reaching out to grasp the Sneakoscope, causing the sound to stop.

"Albus... fetch Albus for me."

Felix waved his wand, a silvery light disappeared, and soon, Dumbledore appeared at the door. He quickly came to the bedside, bending down slightly to observe Nicolas Flamel, who appeared unharmed. Dumbledore visibly breathed a sigh of relief.

"Headmaster Dumbledore, you don't think I'm up to something, do you?" Felix's expression was peculiar, and he was right there, having witnessed that there was no communication between the two, it was purely Dumbledore's concern for Nicolas Flamel's safety.

"You're overthinking, Felix." Dumbledore straightened up with a smile.

Nicolas Flamel gripped the Sneakoscope tightly with one hand, his voice trembling, "Al... Albusplease bear witness, everything I have belongs tobelongs to Felix Harp."

Dumbledore said in a deep voice, "I will respect your wishes, Nicolas."

"F-Felix" The old man's gaze turned to Felix, trying to widen his eyes, looking at the blurry figure through a layer of haze.

"I'm here, Nicolas," Felix said.

A golden key floated toward him, and he opened his palm, letting the key fall into his hand, still warm from the old man's touch.

"I hope... you won't blame me, the setbacks of youth... might not necessarily be a bad thing. I believe... believe that you... cough, cough!" Nicolas Flamel started to cough violently, his eyes bulging, and he continued with gasps, "I believe you will become... a legend of a new era..."

Dumbledore looked at Felix in astonishment. What had happened in the past half-hour? How did his old friend suddenly accept him? A legend... Dumbledore could distinctly sense the intense anticipation hidden within that evaluation.

Felix didn't avoid Dumbledore's probing gaze; he looked somewhat dazedly at Nicolas Flamel. After the old man finished speaking, he continued to gasp for breath, muttering his wife's name, "Perenelle..."

After a while, the Sneakoscope in his hand suddenly made a sound, and a melodious tune resonated through the small room.

The key in Felix's hand began to shine brightly. At this moment, he became the master of this safe house. Simultaneously, a series of hidden addresses flowed through his mind.


Half an hour later, Felix and Dumbledore stood in front of a gravestone. At Nicolas Flamel's request, he and his wife, Perenelle, were buried together in a place full of birdsong and floral fragrance. Not far away was Nicolas's and his wife's first residence after graduating from Beauxbatons Academy.

They stood in silence for a while before Dumbledore cast a protective spell to conceal the area. Felix extended his finger and lightly touched it; the air in front of him rippled like water.

The two walked along a path

"Do you want to talk about it, Felix?" Dumbledore asked gently.

"I'm not that fragile," Felix muttered discontentedly. "You should spend your time looking for Voldemort's Horcruxes."

Dumbledore smiled, "Ah, I have indeed been held up by trivial matters lately. Tom's life has been quite eventful, having encountered many people. But" he winked mischievously, "I've managed to find a useful lead."

"About the third Horcrux?"

"I suspect so, and perhaps it also holds the secret of the fourth Horcrux. I've made an appointment with a poor house-elf, but her condition is not good, so I must act quickly..."

Felix nodded, pondering for a moment before he couldn't help asking, "How powerful is Voldemort really? Can't you face him because of the property of Horcruxes that make him unkillable?"

"That is one reason, but apart from the Horcruxes, he himself is a Dark Magic master. Not to mention, he conducted various experiments on himself during the years he was missing." Dumbledore calmly said, "In his own words: he pushed magic to unprecedented heights."

"Sounds rather arrogant."

"Indeed, but I must admit that his words hold some truth," Dumbledore said. "That phrase can be amended to say, he pushed certain forms of magic to unprecedented levels. And others"

"Quite shallow?"

"Exactly, forgive me for being blunt... ignorance is quite pitiable."

Felix pondered for a moment and tentatively said, "Lady Rowena Ravenclaw once said that she and the other three founders could be considered magical creatures."

"Is that so?" Dumbledore replied, his tone not showing surprise.

"Felix, I can't offer you much insight. When I was young, I did, for a considerable time, believe myself invincible... Magical creatures? That notion is too modest, and I was too arrogant then."

"So, you're saying" Felix held his breath, "you did enter a remarkable state?"

Dumbledore smiled faintly, "I can demonstrate a bit, of course, just a demonstration."

"What should I do?"

"Cast a spell at me, well, not too powerful. I must remind you that you're facing an old man of a hundred years."

Felix grew somewhat excited. This was his first chance to experience the magical prowess of the most powerful wizard, Dumbledore. He took a few steps back, stood straight, contemplated for a moment, and carefully cast a Level Three Stunning Spell.

He looked at Dumbledore expectantly, wondering how Dumbledore would demonstrate the next level of magic.


A red light shot like a meteor towards the other side. Dumbledore deftly extended his right hand, flicking his index finger to deflect the spell, as if flicking away a fly or something.

Then he nodded politely, "Thank you for being considerate, my dear fellow. By your standards, that should be a Level Three spell, right? If it were any stronger, I might have embarrassed myself."

Felix stared at Dumbledore in astonishment. He could withstand several Stunning Spells himself, but he keenly recognized the difference between their methods: his own approach was similar to that of a Ministry Hit Wizard, resisting specific curses, whereas what Dumbledore did was more wondrous.

He had a feelingthe figure in front of him was like a magical creature wearing a Dumbledore disguise, perhaps like a sphinx or a chimera. As far as he knew, the skin of these magical beings was almost impervious to all known spells.

"Headmaster Dumbledore, you"

"It's not as magical as you think. I'm old, and I barely retain a few tricks that could be considered magical. I have no doubt, just as Nicolas believes, that you'll go farther than I ever will."

Felix understood that this marked the end of their conversation. He could only remember what had just transpired and ponder it in detail when he had the time.

"Are you returning to the school, Headmaster Dumbledore?"

"I still have some matters to attend to."

The two parted ways on a small hill covered in pale yellow wildflowers. Felix was bathed in the afterglow of the setting sun, shedding hues of rose-tinted light. He walked toward the castle from the edge of the Forbidden Forest. As he approached the castle gates, he heard hurried footsteps. Looking in the direction of the sound, however, there was no one there.

"Oh, Professor, I've finally found you!" Hermione suddenly materialized in the air, panting as she spoke. She held a silvery invisibility cloak in her hand.

Felix withdrew his wand into his sleeve, "What's happened?"

"Sirius! You need to save Sirius, and also Harry, Professor Lupin, and Snape," Hermione's expression was one of fear as she spoke urgently, "There are countless Dementors... they're blotting out the sky!"

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