A Professor of Magic at Hogwarts - C.11: New Beginnings


September 1st.

The moment of commencement.

Felix Harp, the quintessential idler, undoubtedly employed Floo Powder to arrive at the Deputy Headmaster's office. He was dressed in robes of deep emerald green, his hair impeccably groomed, carrying a small handbag as he emerged from the fireplace.

"Professor McGonagall," Felix greeted with a smile on his lips.

Professor McGonagall was occupied with organizing the day's proceedings. The annual start-of-term feast was under her charge, making these few days perhaps the busiest of her year.

"Oh, thank goodness you finally came."

"Is something amiss?" Felix inquired.

"I need you to share some of the workload."

"Delighted to be of service, ma'am," Felix responded gallantly.

After handing him a series of tasks, Professor McGonagall hurriedly departed, muttering something like, "Dumbledore never cares about these matters... it's all on me..." It seemed she harbored some resentment toward the headmaster.

Felix examined the parchment in his hand with keen interest. "Let's see, the first task is to decorate the Great Hall?"

Great Hall (not the cafeteria).

Felix brandished his wand, adorning the walls with decorations, neatly arranging four long tables, optimizing the spacing of each chair.

Next was the weather above the Great Hall.

"To be honest, I've been itching to do this." Felix muttered and waved his wand.

Above the Great Hall, the midday sky instantly turned overcast, thick black clouds descending low, as if they were about to touch one's face.

Subsequently, Felix continued to wield his wand. The dense black clouds dispersed, revealing a vast expanse of eerie green light from high above, casting the entire Great Hall in an ambiance reminiscent of a cursed land...

"Ah," Felix exulted with extreme delight. He even conjured a large serpent that emerged through the green light, opening its jaws wide to reveal a twisted figure in the same sickly green hue, bearing an uncanny resemblance to a certain professor.

"Is this how you view the professor who taught you for seven years, Felix?" Just as Felix was joyfully engrossed, a gloomy voice suddenly cut through.

Felix turned around to see his Potions professor and Head of House, Severus Snape, his robes billowing like a specter as he floated over.

Snape's face was impassive, his eyes like calm, unrippled wells, devoid of any emotional fluctuation. He methodically sprayed venom, "Are you expressing your dissatisfaction toward me? Or after three years since graduation, has your noggin been filled with untimely Muggle notions, causing you to grow arrogant and impolite?"

Cough, cough! Felix felt a twinge of awkwardness – caught in the act of playing around!

Even more awkwardly, the elongated serpent above him lowered its head. The twisted, green-tinted figure within the serpent's mouth continued to writhe and sway...

With a wave of his wand, Felix dissipated the serpent into nothingness. Swiftly adjusting his expression, he acted as if he had just encountered Professor Snape, first displaying a surprised expression, then approaching him with rapid steps, offering a very courteous greeting.

"Professor, three years have passed, and your magic has grown even more composed and weighty."

Snape surveyed him expressionlessly, employing a rhythmically paced tone for a slightly mocking reply, "Three years have passed, and you've certainly broadened my horizons. If not for having taught you, I might have mistaken you for a daft lion."

Felix Harp displayed an "awkward" expression, his gaze "apologetically" averted elsewhere, before suddenly looking "startled" behind Snape, "M-McGonagall, Professor McGonagall, when did you arrive?"

Snape was taken aback and swiftly turned around, finding the corridor empty.

Turning back, he discovered Felix wearing a puzzled expression, "Huh? Did I just see wrong?"

Snape was left speechless with frustration.

Just like always.

This lad always managed to find an escape route for himself since his school days, making jokes, spouting nonsense. But Snape understood him well enough; he knew how dangerous this boy could be.

In fact, Snape had a fierce argument with Dumbledore earlier this morning upon learning that Felix was coming to teach at Hogwarts. He had just come from the Headmaster's office.

Snape discreetly approached, speaking at a volume only the two of them could hear, "Felix Harp—"

"You can call me Felix, Professor!" Felix interrupted.

Snape: "..."

Again, the same! Always interrupting, always cutting him off!

But well, Snape's slow and deliberate speech style did invite interruption. He tended to talk like he was singing a lament. Others might have been too intimidated by Snape's oppressive aura to interject, but Felix was too familiar with him!

Familiar enough to know the deep secrets he was hiding!

Snape picked up his pace, "Felix, I don't care what your purpose is for coming to Hogwarts, but I'll be watching you closely. If you intend to use Hogwarts students to spread your dangerous ideas—"

"So, Professor, you've read my work as well. I'm truly honored!" Felix interjected.

Snape was momentarily speechless.

"Professor McGonagall! Why are you here?" Felix suddenly turned his head to the side.

"Don't play your clever tricks with me!" Snape retorted in annoyance, feeling someone rapidly approaching from behind.

Emmm, this time it's true... Felix gestured discreetly behind Snape. Before Snape could turn around, Professor McGonagall's brisk footsteps were already audible, her tone stern and impatient.

"Professor Snape, your timing is impeccable. I need to discuss something with you."

And so, Professor Snape was led away by McGonagall. Felix waved goodbye, earning a fierce glare from Snape.

"Seems like the professor has quite an opinion of me~" Felix mumbled, "It's been years since I threatened you, but you still remember. How embarrassing."

Well, Felix had indeed threatened Snape before. To be precise, the overt and covert clashes between them had been going on for not just once during their time at school, but for a full seven years.

But that's a whole other lengthy story.

In any case, Felix continued to organize the Great Hall. This time, he refrained from playing around. Waving his wand, he transformed the space above the hall into a dazzling starry sky. He deliberately enlarged and brought closer some stars, including the pristine round moon, the fiery red Mars, and the yellow-brown Saturn with its encircling ring... In the distance were smaller, twinkling stars that continuously blinked, adorning the hall in resplendent beauty.

"Exquisite magic!" came a high-pitched voice. Felix looked up, then quickly looked down.

He offered a smile, "Professor Flitwick, greetings!"

"Oh! Felix!" Professor Flitwick seemed very excited; he was almost on the brink of fainting.

"Hogwarts' prodigious graduate returns to the school! How wonderful! I still remember your outstanding performance in the NEWTs Charms exam – flawless, absolutely flawless!"

Professor Flitwick was genuinely thrilled. Despite his small stature, he was full of emotion, and he harbored no bias toward any of the houses.

"It's a pleasure to see you, Professor!"

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