A Professor of Magic at Hogwarts - C.1: Felix Harp


July 1992, London.

Within a grand building nestled in the heart of London's commercial district, skilled professionals bustled ceaselessly, their discussions mixing with the clatter of keyboards. Meanwhile, in a small makeshift conference room, a solemn conversation was taking place.

"Felix, have you truly made up your mind? Although you've been with the company for less than a year, I swear your talents have already gained the recognition of everyone here. If you stay, believe me, you will achieve greatness!" spoke a quintessential middle-aged British man. He wore a polished business suit, his neatly curled hair giving him a distinguished appearance.

Seated across from him was a young man of around twenty, strikingly handsome, with a pair of light blue eyes that left a lasting impression. At this moment, Felix smiled, "Boss, I've made up my mind."

The middle-aged man stared deeply into Felix's eyes for a while, witnessing his unwavering resolve. He sighed resignedly, "Very well, you win."

Felix's mild smile emerged as he stood up, picking up the suit jacket draped over his chair. He extended his hand to shake the hand of the middle-aged man who had also risen. The middle-aged man stepped closer, opened his arms, and embraced Felix tightly, murmuring softly, "Different paths for different folks, right? I believe we've lost a promising newcomer."

Felix blinked his light blue eyes, "We'll always encounter even better people."

Half an hour later, Felix packed his belongings and exited the building. As he approached the exit, he watched the flow of people on the street, filled with anticipation.


Carrying a small suitcase, Felix strolled down the street, occasionally pausing to step aside as vehicles zoomed by. Yet, he took keen interest in examining the different makes and models of cars.

"Antique cars, hmm~"

His steps were light and brisk, and the somewhat lengthy journey did not fatigue him; rather, it invigorated him.

After nearly an hour of walking, he finally arrived back at his temporary residence in the city, or one might say, his home.

The street scenery grew increasingly familiar, and Felix spotted more than one familiar face. "Good afternoon, Mrs. Murphy."

"Good afternoon, Mr. Harp."

After exchanging pleasantries with some familiar faces, Felix finally stood before his own front door.

He retrieved his key, unlocked the door.

Stepping inside, he closed the door.

"Ah!" Felix let out a triumphant exclamation, shutting his eyes and spreading his arms wide. And in that very moment, the ordinary house seemed to come to life all at once.

The suitcase slipped from his grasp and floated, gliding over to the closet. The closet door swung open on its own, the dozen or so hanging clothes on the upper rack lifting slightly to make way for the comfortable placement of the suitcase.

Felix's suit and white shirt removed themselves, his tie twisted itself off from around his neck, hanging together on the closet's crossbar. There were three other exquisitely colored ties hanging there as well.

His belt loosened itself from his waist, and as he took a step forward, his trousers smoothly separated. Felix beckoned with his hand, and a blue silk robe swiftly flew out, draping itself around him, the buttons fastening themselves neatly.

With a gentle snap of his fingers, soft music filled the air. Still with his eyes closed, Felix waved his hands like a conductor, producing a tinkling sound from the kitchen. After a while, a cup of rich, steaming coffee floated before him, emitting warmth.

He lifted the cup, taking a sip to the accompaniment of the music, a thoroughly contented smile gracing his face.


Felix Harp, apart from being a recent ex-freelancer, is also an adult wizard.

He graduated from Hogwarts—the finest and only magical school in the British Isles.

Since the day Felix received that splendidly adorned owl post from the orphanage, a decade has flown by. In those ten years, he not only graduated from Hogwarts but also transformed from a young boy into a mature twenty-one-year-old man.

"Time flies by so quickly. It's been three years since I graduated," Felix mused while seated on the sofa.

He then muttered with a touch of melancholy, "And it's been 21 years since the journey began."

Indeed, beyond his status as a freelance professional and a discreet wizard, Felix harbors a most concealed secret: he's a time traveler.

Only the heavens know how surprised and exhilarated he was upon receiving that invitation letter from the wizarding world! The world of Harry Potter! The magic-filled escapades of the trio!

But alas, they were not of the same generation.

When he entered Hogwarts and naively inquired about Harry Potter's information, he learned that he was a whole nine years older than him. In other words, during his time at school, they wouldn't even cross paths.

Admittedly, Felix wasn't a "Potterhead" and was only vaguely familiar with the plot.

Vaguely familiar.

After all, he couldn't predict the future and had no way of knowing he would end up in the actual magical realm. If he could have foreseen it, he would've memorized every word!

What truly brought him some insight into the plot was the rise of short videos later on, like certain snippets.

And it's precisely through these that he managed to piece together a rough storyline.

But remembering the details? That was simply wishful thinking.

Fortunately, what really interested him was the wondrous magic, the tangible, touchable magic world. And he had all of that.

Evening approached.

Felix sat at his desk, quietly perusing a magical tome, a cup of hot tea by his side.

The clock ticked away, irritatingly exacerbating his restlessness, disturbing his previously serene mind.

He was waiting for a letter.

An incredibly important letter!

As time flowed on, finally—outside the window, a soft "tap tap" sounded. An owl landed soundlessly on the windowsill, gently tapping the glass.

"At last!" Felix's heart raced in anticipation. His wand slid out, and with a gentle flourish, the window swung open, allowing the owl to glide in.

The owl circled overhead twice before dropping an envelope, landing on his desk, and absentmindedly pecking at its feathers.

Felix swiftly seized the envelope. On its back, a wax seal, a coat of arms, and a large letter "H" surrounded by an eagle, a lion, a badger, and a snake.

He unsealed the envelope and withdrew the letter. It read:

Dear Mr. Felix Harp,

We are pleased to inform you that your application for employment (Muggle Studies) has been accepted. An interview is scheduled for 21st July at 10 o'clock in the morning. Please be prepared in advance.

Also: Use Floo Powder to access the school (Location: Deputy Headmistress's office, Hogwarts). If you intend to use an alternative method, please inform us in advance.

Deputy Headmistress (Female) Minerva McGonagall

Felix couldn't help but punch the air, promptly downing the steamy cup of tea on his desk!

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